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You can take a fraction and turn it into a percentage in just a few quick steps that don't even require a calculator. Turn a fraction into a percentage with help from a mathematics educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jimmy Chang and now we are here to talk about converting a fraction to a percentage. Now traditionally percentages can be thought of as a number out of a 100. Unfortunately not all fractions can be converted to something out of a100. So the best strategy to convert fractions to percentages is actually using long division. So lets give an example and you'll see how this works out. So suppose you want to convert three fourths to a percentage. Now this applies to all fractions, we are using three fourths as an illustration. So what you want to do is take this and turn it into a division problem. Take three divide by four. As you imagine three, the numerator is going to be on the inside, the four is going to be on the outside. Now we all know four does not go into three but this is where you want to start incorporating the decimal and add zeros as you need it. So lets just add do one, two zeros as an illustration. You can always add the decimal places as many as you need. So we know four does not go into three so we know four goes into three zero times. Now go ahead and line up the decimal as you would in the original problem. Now four does not go into three but four will go into thirty. Now as you know four goes into thirty seven times. Now seven times four is going to be twenty eight and then you do the subtraction. Thirty minus twenty is going to be two. And as you know with regular long division you bring down the zero. So four goes into twenty five times. Now five times four is going to be twenty and as you know it's going to be zero. Now sometimes depending on the fraction you will see repeated decimal places. And that's when you can make an approximation. But in this case we have zero point seven five, which is what is three fourths is. And as you know converting a decimal to a percentage you just move the decimal place two places to the right. So that means three fourths which is equal to zero point seven five is really 75 percent. So to summarize to convert a fraction to a percentage you just treat it like you would a normal long division problem. And then move your decimal places two places to have a percentage number. So I'm Jimmy Chang and that's converting fraction to a percentage.


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