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Supplementary angles can be defined in a very specific way that is important to an equation as a whole. Define supplementary angles with help from a mathematics educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jimmy Chang and we are here to define supplementary angles. Now with supplementary angles they're very important in geometry related concepts and courses as long with trigonometry and you might also use them in other math courses that you may not expect. But the important thing to talk about when it comes to supplementary angles is the significant number of 180 degrees. Cause when we talk about supplementary angles we are talking about angles that add to give you 180 degrees. Now generally the context is two angles even though you could have more then two. But the simplest way to think about supplementary angles is that of a straight line. Because a straight line is in 180 degree angle. Now if you were to split the straight line into two pieces you have created two angles that are guaranteed to give you 180 degrees. And the two angles are called supplements. Now suppose this particular angle as you can tell is greater then 90 and lets just say this is 120 degrees. We're asked to find out then what is the measure of it's supplement. All you need to do is take 180 minus 120 and that will give you 60. And so the missing measure is going to be 60 degrees. Now if you have another example, take a straight line and divvy it up into two pieces. Suppose this was 30 degrees and you want to find out the missing angle here, again just take 180 minus 30 and that will give you 150. And so the missing angle or the supplement is 150 degrees. So I'm Jimmy Chang and that is a brief introduction on defining supplementary angles.


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