Kilometers to Cubic Centimeters

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You can convert kilometers to cubic centimeters by performing a very basic calculation. Convert kilometers to cubic centimeters with help from a mathematics educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jimmy Chang and we're here to talk about kilometers to cubic centimeters. Now, one of the things that you want to keep in mind though, is that you're actually comparing two very different units. As a matter of fact, kilometers is a one dimensional measurement whereas, cubic centimeters really talks about a three dimensional measurement, so it's incredibly difficult to compare the two and I'll just go into the reasons behind them. Now, let's talk about kilometers first. Kilometer measures lengths, so kilometer is an unit of length. Now, with cubic centimeters, often labeled cm cubed, it's an unit of volume. Now, volume, as you may know, is a three dimensional measurement, whereas, length is a one dimensional measurement. So, talking about one dimensional, and compared to a three dimensional is really, really difficult to do. So you really, unfortunately can not convert one kilometer to cubic centimeters. Now the closet thing you can do is, if you want to compare kilometers to centimeters. One thing to keep in mind is, one kilometer is 10,000 regular centimeters. But sometimes people think that one kilometer is equal to 10,000 cubic centimeters, that's really, really not true. However, one thing you gotta keep in mind is, you have to be consistent with your dimensions, so you can't compare kilometers with cubic centimeters, but you can compare cubic kilometers to cubic centimeters and how you do that is, simply cube both sides. So what you want, what you think about is, one to the third is one. Kilometers cubed is kilometers cubed, and 10, 000 to the third is, I'm just going to leave it in exponent form, 10,000 to the third power, and centimeter cubed is centimeter cubed. Now on your calculator you can find out what 10,000 to the third is, but as you'll expect when you enter it, it'll be a really, really huge number. So, you can compare cubic kilometers to cubic centimeters, but not just regular kilometers to cubic centimeters. So, I'm Jimmy Chang and that discusses the relationship or perhaps, lack thereof, of kilometers to cubic centimeters.


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