Histogram vs. Bar Graphs

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Histograms and bar graphs are used in the mathematics world for tracking pieces of information. Learn about histograms versus bar graphs with help from a mathematics educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Jimmy Chang and we're here to talk about histograms versus bar graphs and some similarities and differences that separate the two. Now, one thing to keep in mind is that histograms are actually a particular kind of bar graphs. So, it is kind of a subclass of a bar graphs. So, let's talk about bar graphs first and then we'll see how histograms differ from them. So, bar graphs will typical measure individual values. So, in other words they'll talk about surveys and they'll display data in using individual values. And so bar graphs will typically look like this. There's going to be typical spacing that separates the bars together. Now, the bar graphs can be either vertical or horizontal. And I'm just giving you a vertical example as an illustration. So, let's just say if you're rating on something, bar graphs will typically again, display individual values. For example, you might have five, a six, maybe a seven, and let's just say maybe four people responded fives, six people responded six, and perhaps let's just say maybe three people responded seven if you were to read the data across. Now histograms typical will compare grouped items or a group set of values. So, for example, here let's just say you may have ten to nineteen. Let's just say you're talking about a specific age range. Twenty to twenty nine, thirty to thirty nine. Now, even though this is not a hundred percent always the case, it's mostly the case where histograms, again a special kind of bar graphs, histograms, the bars are typically close together. In other words, there are generally no spaces that separate the bars together. So, a typical histogram may look like this. But as you can probably tell, bar graphs will compare individual values and histograms will typically compare grouped values. And in bar graphs, typically there's spacing and with histograms, there is typically no spacing between. So, I'm Jimmy Chang and that's bar graphs versus histograms.


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