How to Draw a Prairie Dog Step by Step

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When drawing a prairie dog it might be helpful to start with the outline of the animal. Learn how to draw a prairie dog step-by-step with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys. It's Chris here, and today I'm going to show you to draw a prairie dog step by step. Alright so what I'm going to do first is I'm going to draw the outline of the head here. It kind of comes up just like that and goes around to the front. Ok. And then, you're going to take that line and you're going to do an arc down just to about there and a line in. And I'm going to do the leg here and the leg is just a line there. Gonna do a line across the bottom that's a little bit of an arc for the foot. I'm going to draw a little line coming off here just for the tail and then going to come, bring back up here to the nose and then kind of do a steep swoop down just like that for underneath the chin. A line kind of going up to the front like that and this is where the chest is. And, then we got the arms so bringing a line down here. Line out just like that. Another line in the back here. And his hands, paws, are just kind of like hanging down there just like that. He's a pretty chill guy. And another one for the back paw. And bring, continue this line from the chest down underneath that and once you get to about there I'm going to bring the line from the top of the thigh just out a little bit and kind of arc that back down just like that. Bring a line out for the foot and another line out for the other foot just like that. Now for the face, I'm going to use my handy white marker here. I'm going to do a little ear for him and if you want you can do it just like that and maybe his eye. Can do his eye just like that if you want or you can just do a little dot. It's up to you. And his nose. And maybe he's sittin' on top of his burrow, so maybe you want to put some dirt and some little pebbles around and flesh out his paws a little bit. And if you want you can also add fur. Give him a little bit of a furry disposition. Alright and a little bit of a jowl there. Alright guys and that's how you draw a prairie dog step by step. Good luck and stay creative.


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