Unrefrigerated Potato Salad

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Unrefrigerated potato salad needs to be cooked in a very specific way. Prepare your own unrefrigerated potato salad with help from a chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Ellen Adams from Red Hot Dish dot com and today I'm going to show you how to make an unrefrigerated potato salad. I've got about two pounds of boiled potatoes and these are just white potatoes. I did cook them a little bit bigger so you're going to want to cut them into bite size pieces. That's about the size that you're going to want to have when you're makin' potato salad. So there are our potatoes and now I'm going to add a quarter cup of balsamic vinegar to a quarter cup of chicken broth. Just add those together. Combine 'em a little bit and I'm just going to pour them right over our potatoes and that's the start of our dressing. For our dressing I'm going to start with a quarter cup of white vinegar and you just add that in to a small bowl. I have three quarters of a cup of olive oil. There we go. I have a half a teaspoon of oregano. I'm going to add in a clove of garlic and I just have peeled this and I take off the little end piece and then I cut it in half and lay it flat and then I'm just going to make little slivers and just lay them out on your board. Just do a really fine mince. Go nice and slow and there you have one clove of minced garlic. Go, it's going to give this salad a nice little fresh bite to it. There we go and you can add that to your dressing and then I've got some beautiful fresh basil and this is going to give it a nice fresh pop. And, when you have fresh basil you just use your fingers and pinch off a couple of leaves. Now I just need about a half a teaspoon. So, I'm going to show you a quick way to do this. You stack 'em up. Give 'em a quick roll like a little cigar. Just like that and now give it a quick chop and you're going to get little ribbons of basil. It smells so delicious. Hmm. There you go and we will just add that beautiful fresh basil to the dressing. Ok. And I've got a little salt to taste and a couple turns of cracked black pepper. There we go. And that is our dressing. Hmm. Smells so good. Alright so we've got our nice dressing here and I'm just going to pour that right over the potato. Hmm. That garlic smells so good. There we go. Get that all in there and at this point you can add a little red onion if you like. Got about half a cup. So that's going to go right in there and then you just give it a quick fold and here you have a very nice potato salad that you don't need to refrigerate.


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