Jalapeno Potato Salad

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Jalapeno potato salad is a great way to really add zing to an old dish. Learn how to make your own Jalapeno potato salad with help from a chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Ellen Adams from Redhotdish.com, and today I'm going to be making jalapeno potato salad. So I've got about two pounds of potatoes here and these are the nice red potatoes. So I cut them in half before I boiled them just to speed up the process a little bit, but this is too big for potato salad so you're going to want to cut them. So you can just put 'em down and quarter them. Make 'em into bite size pieces. Just like that. So that's about the size that you want or even a little bit smaller depending on your preference. A piece like that you can cut into thirds. So you just want them relatively small so you don't have to eat your potato salad with a knife and a, and a fork. There we go. So, we'll get this chopped up. Ok now, this is a low fat version of potato salad so to it I am going to add a quarter cup of low fat Italian dressing and that's going to give it some flavor. I have half a cup of no fat mayonnaise and that's going to give it that creaminess that we love in our potato salad. I have about a half a cup of red onion. So we'll get that in there. And a rib of celery all chopped up into a nice dice and I will get that in there and I'm just going to give it a quick fold. Ok, so I've got the dressing folded onto the potatoes and now I'm going to add some hardboiled eggs. Now these are just eggs that I boiled in water. You boil 'em 'till the water is a rolling boil. Then you turn off the heat and put the lid on your pot and let 'em go for a good ten or fifteen minutes after that and they will be beautifully hardboiled. And these have been peeled and I'm using an egg slicer and you can do it that way and it comes out in a perfect little dice and you just clean off the wire. So I'm going to do a second one. You put it across the egg slicer and just come right down with the wires. Now pick the egg up and turn it around the other way and that's what's going to give us that nice dice and you just come right down and let the egg fall off. So I've got two more eggs to add. So, these egg slicers do a nice quick job. And fun for the kids to do if you're cooking with your kids. Turn it one way, run the wire, turn it around and run the wire again and there we go. Get all that nice egg in there. Okay. It's all perfectly diced up. So I've got a cup of sour cream. Gonna add that right onto our eggs. Get that right in there. I have two strips of bacon and now it's all been fried up. It's been drained on paper towel so it's not greasy. It's just going to give us that nice smoky flavor. Got two tablespoons of prepared horseradish so if you like spicy food this is going to be the salad for you. Gonna have some nice heat to it. About half a teaspoon of salt. A little parsley and that's about a tablespoon of parsley. Give it some nice fresh green color. And I'll just going to fold this in. Now I'm going to add in a jalapeno pepper. So when I said it's going to have a little bit of heat I meant it. So this is all chopped up and you can do it in a fine dice or if you like your jalapenos with a little bit more meat to 'em leave 'em in a little bit bigger dice, but I'm just going to add those right in there. Okay. And there you have jalapeno potato salad.


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