How to Tell if Struts Are Going Bad on a Truck

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You should always be on the look out for warning signs in your vehicle so you know when things are going bad. Find out how to tell if struts are going bad on a truck with help from the owner and lead mechanic of an automotive services business in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Steve Ellis from Steve Ellis Automotive and I'm going to show you how to tell if struts are going back in a truck. The first thing we would do is we're going to first bounce the vehicle and see if it continues to bounce on its own. If the vehicle doesn't stop by itself quickly, then the struts are getting weak. Okay this vehicle here the struts are starting to get soft in them, it bounces several times before it stops. the strut is mounted inside behind the wheel. It is a shock absorber with a spring on the outside of it and what we do is we look at them and see if the strut itself is starting to leak fluid out of the top of it. Okay, if the strut is leaking any type of fluid it has to be replaced. If you don't, it causes excessive tire wear and you can have problems handling when you're driving the vehicle. The strut assembly is not something that you can do yourself because it has a coil spring on the outside. You have to have special equipment to take the spring off to change the strut. If you're changing the strut, I would recommend taking it to a shop that does that type of work. Okay, the number one way though to check and see if you need struts is bouncing the vehicle and you can bounce the vehicle and see if it continues to bounce. Okay, this vehicle should have struts. That's the number one way to check it out. And I'm Steve Ellis from Steve Ellis Automotive, master technician. Thank you.


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