How to Draw Female Eyes Like a Manga

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Eyes, particularly the eyes of female characters, are typically drawn with very specific features in the world of manga. Learn how to draw female eyes like a manga with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. my name's Jessica and I'm an artist. And today we're going to draw female eyes like Manga. So, we're going to have our face here and she's got these lovely graceful eyebrows. And then her eyes come down. They've got a little it of a sweep, swoop to them. The tops is relatively normal. It's just got kind of an angle. And we bring the ends down. And then the bottom is shaped kind of like a U. So, just do this kind of, on both of them. Just do a U kind of a shape that connects and goes back around. And then come the pupils, and he pupils are quite large and they sort of echo that same shape. So, here we go and you can color that in. Since they're just pupils, it's OK for them to be colored in. You can color them black or another color if you like. So, we're going to do a, to show some light on the eyes, we're going to draw a large circle, like that. And that is the light that is sort of shining in to the eye. Underneath, we're going to have a line at the bottom. And then sometimes I notice under Manga eyes they have a kind of a circle like that underneath them. And of course you know, you can go in and put the mouth, put a big happy smile with a tongue just like that. And then you can go in and do the hair if you like. This happens to be a happy girl. She has a ponytail. She's a happy, happy Manga lady. And yeah. That's really all there is to it. Of course if you want, you can put some eyelashes. Just make them as big as you like. You can make a lot of them if you like. You can make them go all the way across the eye. And you can even make them go a little bit down the side of the eye, like so. And that is how you draw female eyes like Manga.


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