How to Draw a Turkey Step by Step

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You can draw almost anything so long as you break it down into a manageable step-by-step process. Learn how to draw a turkey step-by-step with help from an illustrator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Al Krakosky and I'm an artist. Today, I'm going to show you how to draw a turkey. The first thing we're going to do is draw the body and for this we're going to draw a bean type shape. We're going to curve, go down, curve up and make this side a lot bigger than that side. So there's the body for the turkey. We'll draw the wing and just draw a U and then from there, add on some feathers which are just going to be long ovals and then underneath this we're going to add another layer of feathers extending below the body. Okay then we'll go up to the top and start to add on the head. For this we're going to curve and make a hook, leave room for the beak and draw a triangle for the beak and then on top of that would be the waddle that hangs over the beak and we can draw in an eye and then surrounding the back will be the tail feathers. You're going to curve around and fill this in with large feathers all the way down, getting smaller and smaller just like that. Then we'll add in some feet and this one will be up like he's about to walk and then one below it, below this wing just like that. We can go back in and add some feather texture. I'm just going to layer this, just do these wavy lines throughout, following the shape of the turkey. And one other thing we can do, add some color to these back feathers and add some curved lines following the shape and do one more set just like that. And then from there, go back in and add texture and feathers wherever you'd like and then you are done. That is how you draw a turkey. Thank you for watching and keep on drawing.


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