How to Cook Meatballs on a Grill

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Cooking meatballs on a grill can be a great way to prepare an age-old dish in a new way. Cook meatballs on a grill with help from an author and a chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, I'm Kent the Deck Chef Whitaker and I'm going to show you how to grill meatballs on the grill. This is a quick and easy recipe that's full of flavor. Now the trick is to use your own recipe for meatballs or you can even use frozen meatballs. Just thaw out real good. But what you want to avoid is using too many bulk materials like peppers, or onions, or breadcrumbs because you want the meatball to hold together while it's on it's skewer. So what we are going to do is mix some meat, a little bit of egg for a binder. Some Italian seasoning, garlic, parsley, and maybe just a little bit of my breadcrumbs and we are going to start forming up some meatballs. Okay we are just going to take our ground beef. You can use lean. I'm for a leaner because it is a little bit less fatty and there's not as much flare up on the grill. Break it up nice and even. One egg but no shell. And then kind of the recipe goes from there to your own. Some parsley flakes. Whatever recipe grandmama taught you. Some Italian seasoning or you can add oregano. Also add some garlic. But like I said you don't want to use too many bulk materials cause you want your meatball to hold together. So I do want some breadcrumbs in here. These are actually Italian cro?tons that I've crushed up. Just a fine piece. And then I'm just going to mix that all together. Alright once you get it all nice and mixed up, clean up a little bit. Let the flavors rest together covered in the refrigerator. And we are going to come back up and portion out our sizes. We got our meat. It's all chilled up and firmed up a little bit. Flavors are interacting. And we have something we are going to use to measure out equal portions. I use a third of a cup or a fourth of a cup measuring cup. And all I need to do is get some of my meatball mix. That's one portion. I'll come back and firm it up in just a second. What this does is it gives you equal portion and it makes sure that none of your kids are complaining that their brother or sister got a bigger meatball. So we'll go ahead and get all these ready and I'll show you how to firm them up and put them on a skewer. While you are getting the meatballs all firmed up and portioned out what you want to do is have some bamboo skewers soaking in some water for about 15 minutes or so. Maybe 30 minutes. And those will be ready to go and you won't have to wait anymore. Alright so we are about done with this. We'll firm these up in a ball and get them on the skewers. Alright we've got our meatballs all ready to go. And we've got our bamboo skewers, our wood skewers here. Now I like to use these they're cheap, inexpensive and all over the place. But if you use a metal one what I'd like you to do is try one with a flat edge if you don't have enough to do two at a time. Let me show you why you need to do two at a time with a meatball. If you just use one skewer as your meatball cooks it will start spinning on the skewer. So what you want to do here we'll go ahead and do one, do a couple like that. Just take two at a time. You don't want too much space between them. You just kind of nice up in there though we end it up a little bit. But you can see this meatball is already pulling away. There's not a whole lot of that skewer there to hold it. So what I like to do is do two skewers. And what this does you've probably seen this in oil in restaurants with shrimp. I do it all the time. What that does is it give you more surface area, holds those meatballs together. And they won't spin as much when you are grilling them. So we have three meatballs on this one, two on that one. And we'll show you how this one spins a little bit better. And this one I'm going to save for my golden retriever. So we've got our meatballs on our skewers. Going to hit the grill with a little bit of non stick spray. Nice and heated up. Like I said the two skewers hold them together a lot better, a lot firmer in place. The main thing about this just like you are cooking a fat hamburger. It's ground beef with some Italian season in there. Close the lid, let them cook a little while. And go have some fun with your friends and family. Okay we've turned the meatballs a couple of times. They've done pretty good. I'll just bring them over here. And there you go. So that was how you grill meatballs. As you can see the double skewers worked really good. Actually the single one worked pretty good too but a lot of times they'll break off. You might have to hit them under a spatula a couple of times to turn them if they stick to the grill. But basically really simple. Make your meatballs. Keep some of the ingredients out like add bulk, onions, peppers, things like that. And they'll hold together a lot better. A great thing about it you can eat them like this, on spaghetti. Put them on a roll with some marinara sauce and some provolone cheese. You can do just about anything you want to do. Check these out online on I'm Kent the Deck Chef Whitaker. I hope you enjoyed it.


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