Easy Barbeque Chicken Thigh Recipe

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Not every barbeque chicken thigh recipe has to take all afternoon to prepare. Learn about an easy barbeque chicken thigh recipe with help from an author and a chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, I'm Kent "The Deck Chef" Whitaker, and today we're doing an easy barbecue chicken thigh. Now the great thing about thighs is there's a lot of flavor, got a little extra fat in it. It's a dark meat but it also holds its moisture when you cook it, not like a breast that might dry out when a lot of people cook it. So a thigh is one of those meats you're going to see a lot at barbecue cook offs. What you want to do with your thigh is look under the bottom, look for that extra piece of flap of skin right there and trim that off. Sometimes your butcher does it, sometimes they don't. Now you have your thighs all cleaned up and ready to go, all you have to do is hit them with some of your favorite rub or seasoning. You can buy it in a packet, make your own, whichever you want to do, try to peel up the skin a little bit and get it up under there if you can. Just get them nice evenly coated and what we're going to do with these is season them down with your favorite rub or seasoning mix and then hit them with just a little bit of barbecue sauce. You can use a brush, a mop, whichever one you want. Everybody has a spoon in their kitchen so you can use the back of a spoon. Make sure that each side has a little bit on it and then, you are good to go to the grill once everything is nice and coated. So we're going to move over to the grill. I've got it going here, hit it with a little bit of nonstick spray. What we're going to do is grill these thighs and every time we check them, every few minutes, we're going to put a little bit more sauce on them. Turn them as you need to but they are pretty well seasoned. That's all going to render off. The barbecue will turn into a little glaze, that sauce and they're going to be full of flavor because of that extra little bit of rub and seasoning that you put on them. We're going to let those go for a few minutes, clean up our dishes and come back and put some more sauce on them. Okay we've been cooking and basting as we go. We've got some beautiful chicken thighs here, full of juice, popping out. Didn't have to do anything extra. You're getting a lot of flavor with your favorite sauce. You can use a mustard sauce if you want to. You can do just about anything, quick and easy, hot off the grill, barbecued chicken thighs. So there you have it, easy barbecue chicken thigh. Only really three ingredients including the chicken, the chicken, your favorite sauce and a little bit of a rub. Rub it down, put it on the grill, you're good to go. There's a lot of great recipes like this online at Thedeckchef.com. I'm Kent "The Deck Chef" Whitaker. I hope you enjoyed it.


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