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Barbecue pork chops are a great way to prepare a delicious meal for the whole family. Learn about barbecue pork chop recipes with help from an author and a chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, I'm Kent "The Deck Chef" Whitaker, and today we're doing a barbecue pork chop on the grill. Now what I'm going to do with this is use a bone-in pork chop. Now you don't have to use bone-in, you can use a boneless if you want to. All you have to do is start out with a little seasoning, hit it with both sides, something real easy, salt and pepper, nice and clean because you're going to add a little extra bonus flavor with a little bit of a marinade, a little bit of a baste that we're going to make to put on there, season up your pork chops, even done this with pork steaks, pork ribs, all kind of different things, works fantastic. But today it is pork chops. Once you've got everything nice and seasoned up, we're going to move it over to the grill and we're going to come back and make our baste. Alright got the pork chops all seasoned up, we're going to use a little bit of nonstick spray on the grill, then we're just going to put these pork chops on there, let them get going. Now while they're cooking, we're going to step back over here and make a quick baste. Okay we've got the pork chops on the grill, what we're going to do is make a quick baste, add a little bit of extra flavor. We're going to baste them while they're grilling, start off with your favorite barbecue sauce. If you make your own, that's fine. We're going to add a little bit of apple juice, a little bit of bourbon and that's it. Just a little bit of extra flavor, we're going to make our baste real fast. Now the amounts depend on how many people you're cooking for. We're only doing for two so I'm going to add my barbecue sauce and apple juice together, just a little bit of bourbon, a little bit of whiskey if you're from Tennessee, a lot of people put vinegar in this. You don't want to go too much because you just want to do a little bit of it, not so much that it's a glaze. Once you've got that baste all ready to go, the pork chops are sizzling, we're just going to go rub a little bit of this on them. If you don't have a mop or a brush that's fine, just use the back of your spoon. Alright got the chops going, got our baste ready to go, not a whole lot, we're just going to put a little bit on there, two or three chops right here, just add that little bit of extra flavor. We're probably only going to do this once. You can do it more if you want to, it just depends on personal preference. Alright we've basted the pork chops a couple times. I think they're done, going to pull them off. All we did was season them with a little salt and pepper, hit them with our baste. You can use any kind of baste or seasoning you like, throw them on the grill, turn them, baste them, turn them, baste them and you're good to go. You've got some great flavor only using some salt and pepper, a little bit of a baste, and the natural flavor of the pork chop. Apple juice, apple cider or something like that is a natural ingredient to add to a pork chop so I suggest trying that. A lot of great ideas like this on Until next time I hope you enjoyed it. I'm Kent "The Deck Chef" Whitaker.


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