How to Lock Icons on the iPad So They Can't Be Moved

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You can lock the icons on your iPad so that they can't be moved in a very specific way. Learn how to lock icons on the iPad so they can't be moved with help from a columnist from Nerds on Call in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Andrea Eldridge from Nerds On Call at, and the question that we're answering today is, how to lock the icons on an iPad? So normally when you have an iPad here, and you press and select that device, you can move them around if you're looking to change the location of an icon and you can actually delete, very handy, dandy functionality, unless you have a toddler for example who gets a hold of your iPad and starts to mess around to where you actually lose things or they are no longer where you can find them. So, the question is, is there a way to make it so that these are frozen in place, unable to be moved? The answer is yes, but, only if you have a jail-broken iPad. Unfortunately it's not a functionality that you're going to be able to achieve on a standard iPad that hasn't been jail-broken. So, assuming that you do have a jail-broken iPad, what you're going to go ahead and do is, launch your CD application, again an application that only appears on a jail-broken iPad, which will allow you to access some applications that you can't get on a standard iPad through the iTune store. You're going to go to search, and you're going to look for Icon Lock, which is the program that you're looking to install, select that. Since I have it installed already it's going to go ahead and give me the option to modify, but your button over here is going to say install, select install, it'll reboot your device. Once your device has been restarted, you're going to select settings, here from the bottom. And now under your extensions, you're going to have this options for Icon Lock. So, once you select Icon Lock, you're going to be able to choose to enable the Icon Lock settings. So you're going to go ahead and turn that on, you can also have the option to set a password, so that if you do want to still have the ability to move around your icons, when you press and hold long enough, it'll pop-up a password option, if you entered a correct password you'll have that functionality, but if you don't, then you can't move things around. And you can even enter a little message here for whoever you think is trying to move icons around on your iPad, so that when they fail to enter the correct password, you can give them a friendly little reminder to stop trying to move around your icons. But, once you've got that enabled, then now you press and hold, and nothing happens, you just scroll from one screen to the next, but it will never pop-up the option to delete or move.


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