How to Draw a Girl Wearing Jeans

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When drawing a girl wearing jeans you'll first need to draw that girl's body. Draw a girl wearing jeans with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Ray, I'm an artist and right now I'm going to show you how to draw a woman wearing jeans. Now in order for us to draw the woman wearing jeans, let's first draw the woman. I'm going to draw a general picture of a woman, kind of abstract. And like I always say, with people, you're dealing with spheres, cubes and cylinders. Now let's start off with the head, which is basically a sphere. Okay. And as we illustrate the rest of her body. You pretty much get the idea that this is a female. Okay, just going to draw in the basic standing position. Okay. Let's draw her with her hand on her hip, so to speak. Now, the general idea. Now. We have a general illustration of a woman wearing jeans. And by general I mean there's like no detail on it yet. Okay. And this is the woman's general shape. Now we're going to fill it in by, you know, giving her clothes, give her a tank top, that's what this is. Give her some hair. Okay. And give her a hint of a face. Okay. This is the general shape of the woman herself, but now let's, we're going to give her jeans, so let's illustrate that she has on jeans by using a different color, is we can, we can color the jeans in or just draw around, make it look like she's wearing blue jeans, that's all. You know, very simple. Okay. And also to further illustrate that that she is actually wearing jeans, you can put stitching on the side. It could be the general thing that differentiates it from just regular pants. You have stitching on the side, going all around. Okay. Then you might want to put a pocket there or something to that nature. Just to show that she's actually wearing jeans. Okay. So there you have it. You put out a basic body, and you put the jeans on them, or any pair of pants, basically. And you try to just make it look like it's taking up space, which it does. And so we managed. So that's how you basically draw a woman wearing jeans.


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