How to Fix the Neck of a Saxophone

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The neck of a saxophone is one of the most important parts. Find out how to fix the neck of a saxophone with help from a saxophonist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

My name is Mike Eyia. I am a saxophonist in Los Angeles. I work as a freelance musician in the studio, on the road, and in live music venues. Today, we're going to talk about how to fix the neck of a saxophone. The neck of a sax is this part right here. It's easy to see what the neck is on mine because it's silver and the rest of the horn is gold. The neck on a sax can get damaged in many different ways. Something that's happened to me in the past is I have put too much downward pressure on my mouthpiece like right here. The mouthpiece. And the neck has actually bent downwards to a point where it's affecting the sound on the sax. What you can do if that happens is you can actually just bend it back up. It's metal, it's made of brass, so it actually will bend. You can just take the horn and just grab it and just pull it upwards like that until it gets back to the right angle. If the angle is incorrect, the octave key, which is this here, will actually get thrown off quite a bit. It'll throw off your entire sound on the sax. So hopefully if your neck gets damaged you're able to fix it yourself. If you have a really bad problem with your neck, like you have some kind of hole in it or the metal gets broken, you might just have to buy a new neck. But the good news is that neck probably won't cost as much as a whole sax, so you can probably get one for 100, 200 dollars. I'm Mike Eyia, and that is how to fix a neck on a saxophone.


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