Anger Management Games for Preteens

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Helping a pre-teen manage his or her emotions can be uncomfortable for all involved. Learn about anger management games for pre-teens with help from a licensed psychotherapist, nationally published columnist, and radio host in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Brooke Miller, psychotherapist and founder of Soapbox Therapy, and I'm here to give you just a few ideas for anger management activities you can do with preteens. To help your preteen manage their anger and other emotions that might be uncomfortable I always encourage the preteen to have a journal, a private place where they can express themselves, but something that might be intimidating for preteens about the journal is they don't always have the words to express their emotions. A great pre-journaling activity is to create emotional vocabulary cards, help your preteen figure out different emotional words to put on the front of the card, but on the back of the card write definition of that word but will really help them expand their vocabulary and understand different ways of expressing their emotion. They might not be angry after all, they might realize that they're actually frustrated or disappointed, either way they'll understand themselves a lot better and so will you. Another great anger management activity to do with your preteen is guided visualization writing. To show them what a guided visualization is you can look online for one yourself, read it to your preteen and let them understand what the process is all about. Then give them a piece of paper and some private time to create their own space. A guided visualization is going to take them through a whole path into what they can call their safe place, their happy place, whatever they want to call it and that's the place that you'll encourage them to think about and go back to in a moment that they feel really angry. It's not a guided visualization that you put onto them, it's one that they create all by themselves. Another great anger management activity to do with preteens is collaging. You will collage that's based on a specific emotion. In this case anger, you'll look through magazines, look through books, have them cutout words, phrases, pictures, and put on the paper all the things that represent anger to them. Then ask them questions about it afterwards. What made you choose that? How does it make you feel to look at that picture? So it will help them express their anger and understand what anger might look like in a contained environment. My name is Brooke Miller from Soapbox Therapy and those are just a few ideas to get you started on anger management activities to do with your preteen.


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