How to Make Jamaican Jerk Rub

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One of the key ingredients in Jamaica jerk rub is white vinegar. Make Jamaica jerk rub with help from a dedicated foodie in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm David Alemian and I'm a foodie. Every morning I wake up and I go, what am I going to cook today? Well today, I'm going to make Jamaican Jerk chicken, but before I do that I have to make Jamaican jerk rub so that we can make the Jamaican jerk chicken. So for our ingredients, we have some white vinegar, we have some soy sauce, we're going to use some allspice, we're also going to use some habanero peppers. And by the way, when you use these habanero peppers, you want to be wearing gloves, because if any of that hot oil from the peppers gets on your fingers, if you accidentally rub your eye, it's not going to be pleasant, so bay leaves, some scallions, a little bit of salt, some lime juice, a little bit of sugar, some olive oil, some thyme and some cinnamon. So first we're going to start with 6 cloves of garlic. Take your chef's knife, put it on top of the garlic clove, press down gently until you hear like a little crack. Then you just pick it up and you'll see that the skin will just peel away. So now I'm just going to mince this garlic up, I'm just going to put it right into the food processor. Next I want about 1cup of green onion, and we're just going to chop this up nice, so that way it blends better inside the food processor, pop this right into the food processor too. Next, just a teaspoon of white vinegar, go right in there, that's all we need. I want some, next a few tablespoons of soy sauce, allspice, this is a key ingredient in any jerk recipe, and we use Jamaican allspice, and this is where you get that special flavor, a couple of bay leaves, just pop those right in, in they go, we're going to put a pinch of salt, in it goes, now we want 4 tablespoons of fresh lime juice. Slice our lime in half, and then we're going to cut them in half again so that they're quartered. Now you can either squeeze them by hand, but I like my little lime juicer here, it lets me get every last bit of lime juice out of the lime. And what I'm looking for is about 2 ounces in a measuring cup or 4 tablespoons. So here is what we're going to do, first we're going to take our habanero pepper, now that it's safe to hold it, and just cut off the top, discard that, then take it and slice it right down the middle, and we want to get rid of the seeds, and just take the seeds right out of there. You see these little ribs in here? We're going to get rid of these ribs too, so what we have in here is a really good habanero pepper. And now we're going to just take this habanero pepper strips and bunch them up, and then, I'll just chop them up nice and fine. And we will add some thyme, about a 1/4 teaspoon of some thyme is a good thing, between a 1/2 or 1/4 teaspoon of thyme, about a teaspoon of sugar, a little bit of cinnamon, 1/2 a teaspoon is good, finally about 2 tablespoon, or 1 or 2 tablespoons of a nice extra virgin olive oil. And then we're going to put it on a good blend and just let it run. And see how we did here. This is Jamaican jerk rub, perfect. I'm David Alemian, I'm a foodie, thank you.


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