Caribbean Shrimp Salad

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To prepare Caribbean shrimp salad you'll need some ingredients like olive oil, romaine lettuce, garlic and more. Prepare a Caribbean shrimp salad with help from a dedicated foodie in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm David Alemian. I'm a foodie. Today, we're going to make Caribbean shrimp salad. How are we going to do that? Well, first we're going to start out with some shrimp. We're going to have some, we need some olive oil, hearts of romaine lettuce, a clove of garlic, a lemon, a little salt and pepper and some Jamaican Jerk rub. Now, here's how we're going to start out. We're going to put, I have my gloves on because I'm going to use that to rub the Jamaican Jerk rub on to my shrimp. And we're just going to put a little bit in here and rub that all in so like so. We don't have to let it marinate because there's so much flavor there and shrimp has, is very delicate and absorbs flavors very quickly. And what I'm going to do is put them on to this rack and I'm going to throw them on the grill behind me. And we're just going to spread it all over the rack like so. OK. My grill is nice and hot. Whenever we grill we always want to start with a nice hot grill. And I'm just going to open this up quickly, pop that right in the middle and close it right up. All right. While my shrimp are cooking on the grill, I'm going to prepare the rest of my salad. So, what I'm going to start with, is I have a heart of romain. And all I'm going to do is I'm going to cut off the bottom like so, and then I'm going to cut this heart of romain lengthwise, one slice down the middle. Next, I'm going to chop my garlic clove, and a little tip I always like to give you is to get the skin off the outside of the garlic clove, take the side of your chef's knife, place it on top of the garlic clove and with the palm of your hand just apply some pressure until you hear some cracking and popping. And then you pick it up and you'll see that the skin on that garlic clove just comes right off. Next I'm just going to mix this garlic clove up really quick and have it, chop it up nice and fine. Next, I'm going to take my lemon, notice this is a nice smooth skin lemon, slice it through one time, slice it one more time like so, and now we're ready to get out salad ready to go. So, we come back with our hearts of palm, we're going to put some lemon juice over the top of it, over both sides, another squeeze like so, then we're going to just sprinkle a little garlic over the top, add a little salt, add a little pepper. Right now, I'm going to go back to my shrimp and give then a quick little flip. Here we go. Oh, they look perfect, all ready to flip right over. Close it up, wait a couple of minutes and we'll be all set. All right. My shrimp is all cooked and ready to go. So, I'm just going to take it off of here, and I'm just going to place it right on the side of my grill just like this. All right. Now, what I'm going to do is drizzle just a little olive oil on top of my hearts of romaine, like so and like so. Just a little bit, a couple of ounces or so is all I need. And now, I'm going to grill these hearts of romaine. We're only going to grill them for about, between, depending on how hot your grill is, between 30 seconds and two minutes on a side. All right. I'm going to give it a quick little flip, for even less time on this side. Perfect. That's all we need. Now, I'm just going to pick this up off the grill like so and right on to my plate, and right on to my plate. Turn it around so they're both going the same way. Close up my grill and now we're just going to add the shrimp right on top of these grilled hearts of romaine. I'm David Alemian, I'm a foodie. Check out my other videos on


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