How to Barbeque Steaks

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You can't just throw a steak on the grill and expect it to cook properly. Find out how to properly barbeque steaks with help from a dedicated foodie in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm David Alemian and I'm a foodie, and today we're going to learn how to grill steaks the right way. Now what we want is we're going to use, this is for using it on a gas grill because that's what we're using today. First we're going to start out with a smoker box. It's cast iron, we've put some wood chips in here. In this case I have mesquite wood chips. Another great kind of wood chip is made by Jack Daniels and what they do is they use wood chips from used discarded bourbon bottles, bourbon barrels and when you open that bag it smells like a bottle of bourbon and the wood is made of oak and they taste wonderful. Another one, my other favorite is what we have today which is mesquite. So what we're going to do is put the top on the smoker box and we've got our grill really hot right now and I'm going to lift up the grate and I'm going to put this smoker box right down on top of the burners, close it back up and that's going to heat up those wood chips so that they start smoking. While that's happening what I have is a boneless New York strip steak. This is my favorite cut. I like this and I like ribeyes. Now notice what you always want is the best steak you can possibly find from your butcher and what you want is grade choice or higher which would be prime. This one is choice, note the beautiful marbling, those flecks of white in here, that's what's going to give us our flavor and it's going to create tenderness. We're going to do one more thing to this steak. Now you can marinate it, you can marinate this for about an hour or two and then make sure you pat it completely dry before you put it on the grill. Otherwise you'll kind of steam the steak but for this one we're going to use a rub, a dry rub that I made and in this dry rub it's very simple to make. We use about two tablespoons of paprika, one tablespoon of salt, a tablespoon of black pepper, about a half a teaspoon of onion powder, a quarter teaspoon of garlic powder and finally, you want a teaspoon of brown sugar. Our grill is nice and hot. Our smoker box that we put in there is getting ready to start smoking and once we put this steak on the grill, we're just going to grill one side, we're not going to keep flipping it back and forth. We're simply going to grill one side down and then we're going to flip it once it's good and seared and charred we're going to turn it over one time, sear and char that side and then we're going to move it off of the high heat part of the grill on the second side down and just let it cook the remainder of the time so it cooks nice and slow. So here we go. Now also there's a layer of fat on this side of the steak. I'm going to put that on the cool side of the grill and we'll just place this down with the fat side facing me in the center of the grill towards the back which is the hottest part of my grill. And we're going to let that cook for oh probably about four or five minutes maybe even six, depending. Alright, now what we're going to do is we're going to give our steak one flip. Now sometimes you see people go to cook steaks and they're flipping it back and forth. All that's doing is drying out the steak and they're losing all the juices. All we're going to do is flip this one time very gently because we don't want to lose any of those juices. If you look at that, look at those beautiful char marks right across the top of that steak. I'm going to let that char on the other side for about three minutes and then I'm going to slide the steak to the front part of the grill, the cool part of the grill and let it finish right there. Alright now my steak is nice and charred on the other side, the second side so I'm just going to move it this way onto the grill and just let it finish right there for about a few more minutes. Now remember, when in doubt, take the steak off because if it's a little rare for you, you can always put it back on. I'm David Alemian. I want to thank you for watching my video. Check out my other videos on eHow Video.


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