How to Make Fruity, Hot Salsa

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Jalapeno peppers are a key ingredient in making fruity, hot salsa. Learn how to make fruity, hot salsa with help from a dedicated foodie in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm David Alemian and I'm a foodie and one of the things about being a foodie is because I have an intense interest in food, cooking and eating. So, today we're going to make a hot foodie salsa. To make this hot foodie salsa we're going to start with some jalapeno peppers. We're going to use a red onion, just a little bit. We're going to use some pineapple, some mango, a little bit of cilantro and a little bit of parsley and to start out I'm going to start by cutting up and mincing my jalapeno peppers and then I'm going to roast them in this pan. So first I'll cut off the tops and then I'm going to slice them lengthwise so I can get rid of the seeds. Now all we're going to do is simply reach in and clean those seeds out. Now I've got rid of all of those seeds so now I'm just going to slice along here lengthwise and as I'm doing that I'm also going to trim those ribs just like so and now I'm just going to dice it up, mince it and here it goes right onto the pan and you can hear that sizzle. I'll use my little stirring stick just to stir them around a little bit and now I'm going to put my other ingredients into this bowl here. First we'll have my onion, I'll cut my onion off and then I'm going to put the flat side down so it doesn't slip and now I'm going to cut my onion right in half. So I'm just going to use probably about a quarter of this entire onion and that's all I want. This I put right into the bowl just like so and next I'm going to add a mango. And I'm going to use my peeler just to peel the skin off the mango and now I'm simply going to take a slice. Now you have to, when you cut into a mango it's got an oblong shaped seed that's kind of oblong but narrow. You can find the way that's narrow because you gently cut into it and your knife will tell you where that seed is. Now I'm going to dice my mango and into the bowl it goes. Now for my pineapple, hold the pineapple sideways and let the knife carefully, because it can roll, slice the top of the pineapple right off. Next, slice the bottom of the pineapple right off and then we're just going to go right around the edges and cut the skin off of our pineapple and next I'm going to make little quarter inch dices of the pineapple. Pop this right in here. Next, we're going to give this some color by adding a little bit of cilantro. I just use a little just to get a hint of that flavor in there. That's all I'm going to add to it. Next I'm going to add some parsley. Okay I'm going to chop my parsley up nice and fine, maybe a little more parsley than the cilantro, whatever you like. Again, this is the kind of dish that you can be as creative as you want to be. And finally, I have a lime and I'm going to put the juice of a half a lime in here. Now I'm finally going to add my peppers, here go the peppers right in there, oh and they're roasted perfect and I'm going to just toss this with my spoon. And there you have it, a nice hot fruity salsa. Just put this into your refrigerator, let it chill for about a half an hour or an hour or so and this will just perk up as a nice side dish any type of meal that you're making whether it's a Caribbean jerk chicken or if it's steaks or a Summer picnic, anything you want to do, this is just a nice light side dish. I'm David Alemian. I'm a foodie. Thanks for watching my video. Bye for now.


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