How to Draw an Old Schooner Ship

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The main part of an old schooner ship is a long, curved line. Draw an old schooner ship with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Daisy. I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw an old schooner ship. So we're going to start with the main part of the boat which is a long kind of curved line, straight back then start straight on this line, bring it in curved down here. So it's long and skinny. Bring in the line that rounds it out so this looks more like a boat part and this would be the rudder. You can shade that in a little bit so we can just see the definition and bring that round. So that's the main part of the boat. Then we're going to draw one mast at a little bit of an angle so one straight line and then the same right at the front, one line coming off the back mast and that will help us fill in the sails. So we'll do a little line up here and fill in the sail that way, bring down some lines, lots of straight lines in this one because there's a lot of rope and a lot of wood. We've got the front which is kind of the same as the back sail, bring off two lines facing that way, connect them up and this one has another sail at the top. You can even get into more detail and put another long line here which would be another pole. Bring down some more rope lines and this one I'm going to turn into a rope ladder so you can scurry up there so we're just going to put lots of straight lines in between, really simple way to make a ladder. We need a sail in the middle here as well so this one's going to be connected from here to here. It's a little bit more curved. And it goes all the way across. If you want any more detail, just put in more rope and they can be connecting to all sorts of parts of the ship and then last but not least let's have one more line going out here that can be the tip of the ship and a line through here just for a little bit of detail to make it really look like a ship let's put some water across, some little waves, waves in the background and a couple bit more rope. You can get crazy because ships have a lot of rope. So there we go. My name is Daisy and that' show you draw an old schooner ship.


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