How to Draw a Fireman for Children

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Drawing a fireman for children is a pretty simple en devour. Draw a fireman for children with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, it's Chris here, and today I'm going to show you how to draw a fireman for children. So I'm just going to make it a, do it pretty simple here. We're going to start off with the face, which is almost like a half, a half circle, just with the top left off for where the hat's going to be. Maybe you just want to do a couple dots for the eyes, maybe he's kind of surprised, so he's kind of opening his mouth, just in surprise. Then you've got the hat going. So the way we're going to do the hat, is he has the bill here, in the front, and then it kind of goes around the back, just like that. And fireman's hats kind of go up a little, a little high and they're a little flat in the front. So you're just going to try to draw a flat line in the front that kind of follows with an arc there. And then maybe he has a, an emblem or something on the, the front of the hat. So you're just going to kind of draw a, either a little circle or a star or whatever you want, right in the front there. And firemen have usually a little bit of a collar on their jacket, so we're going to draw a couple lines down the side there for the collar. Connect them in the middle so you can kind of see that they're, that they're part of a jacket. We're going to draw the arms going out. Maybe he's holding a hose, of course, so he's got one arm around the outside of it, and you're going to draw kind of an arc to go where the elbow is. Going around just like that. This is the sleeve, maybe the hose is coming out the back, so you'll draw a couple lines going out the back there. And he's holding onto it. From the front. And now, fire hose, we're just going to draw, kind of like almost a triangle, just to show that it's. That it's the top of the hose where the water's going to be pouring out. And he's holding it with his five-fingered hand. Don't forget your five fingers. And from the other side, he's holding it maybe with both hands. So he's got his other elbow kind of going around the front. And don't forget your, the inside of the arm. So this is where his armpit is. Bottom of the jacket here, kind of going around, just a, making like a swooping motion With a zipper, kind of going down the front. He's got some feet, maybe his legs are kind of going out a little bit, so you just draw two lines, that are kind of going in the same direction, with the knee being right here. Finish it off there at the bottom with a, a little bit of a swoop to show the bottom of the pant leg. And then you've got your boots. And just going to do it just like that. And then maybe he's got his other foot kind of going the opposite way so you're going to do the same thing on the other side, showing the bottom of the pant leg. And then there's his boot and maybe we get your, get our blue here and have some water coming out. All right guys, and that's basically how you draw a fireman for children.


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