How to Draw Haiti's Flag

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You may want to use a visual aid when drawing the flag of the nation of Haiti. Draw Haiti's flag with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Jessica and I'm an artist and today we're going to draw Haiti's flag. So Haiti's flag is basically pretty easy, it's got kind of three individual parts. It's got a top half which is blue and a bottom half which is red, but very simple. Then it's got this piece in the middle, this little square and this is where it gets a little bit trickier. So this piece here is white, you can color this red or sorry you can color the top blue, you can color the bottom red and then the middle piece has, let me get into a little bit more detail here for you. So there's this kind of little picture going on, for starters there is a bottom green part which is kind of shaped something like this and the green part also has a white ribbon at the bottom and the ribbon kind of comes up and mimics the top green shape and then there are a bunch of yellow pieces, there's you know like an anchor and some cannonballs that appears to be. I think they're cannonballs because the next thing is on top it looks like there is two cannons coming out and the cannons are on wheels and this part is right on top of the green area so you can just draw those. You don't have to get into too much detail here you can just use colors and shapes because this is a tiny little piece on the flag so you're probably not going to see all this detail anyway. Now both the cannons, we've got these flags that come up, they're, they're red and then they turn blue so it looks like there's about six of them and they come up, there's the red and the red goes into the blue piece on each of them, one, two, three and then there are these kind of points that come out of the top so these pieces are all symmetrical, they're all the same on each side and then it looks like they're are some kind of spikes or points that come up from the top, maybe they're bayonets, I'm not exactly sure and then we've got a palm tree in the middle of it all and it appears to be a big palm tree, it's got kind of palm tree looking leaves and so go ahead and just color your leaves green. Now, if you don't want to draw all this cause it's just you know very hard and you're working in this really tiny space, what I would do is I would take the yellow or I'm sorry I would take the green and I would draw the bottom right and then I would take the yellow and I would just draw a couple little yellow shades here and then I would take the little red, a little red there, a little blue like so and I would finish it off with my palm tree, right, it's such a small space you're really not going to be able to see everything. So we'll just make it simple and that's how you draw the Haitian flag.


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