Kung Fu Demonstrations


Sometimes seeing a demonstration is a great way to help learn Kung Fu techniques. See Kung Fu demonstrations with help from a world champion martial artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Karl Romain of Edgewater Kung Fu and Sifuromain.com and I'll be talking to you today about a Kung Fu demo, the different parts, there are different elements that go into it. The first element, of course, is our basics and fundamentals. After that we want to move those basics and fundamentals so we're going to do some forms training. Then, we're going to have a demonstration to really excite the crowed. We're going to do stretch kicks and jump kicks and after our stretch kicks and jump kicks we're going to get into weaponry and of course, at the end we'll have our two main or two person fighting sets to demonstrate self defense. Those are some of the various parts that should be included in your Kung Fu demo. The first part of our Kung Fu demonstration will be basics. Are you guys ready? Attention stance. Hands up. Standing horse, Right hand out, E, Er, San, Si, Wu, Lia and right from here make it a palm, ready E, Er, San, Si, Wu, Liu. And back to attention, hands up, standing horse, punch palm hook, punch, palm, hook, hands in, punch, palm, hook, hands in, punch, palm, hook, hands in, punch, palm, hook, hands in, punch, palm, hook, hands in, snap to attention. The next part of our demonstration is forms. We'll start off with the basic forms first and gradually work our way up to more difficult more advanced complicated forms. Now we're moving up into intermediate level forms. Notice the difficulty will increase as she continues. Now we have a demonstration of an advanced Kung Fu form. This is an eagle claw set. You'll notice the difficult as well as the jumping kicks. The next piece will be stretch kicks and jump kicks. Now we'll have a demonstration of Kung Fu jump kicks. First the warm up jump. Now the jump front kick. Notice that they jump off the right foot and land on the right foot. The jump inside crescent kick. Kung Fu has a variety of weaponry and weapon techniques. The one that we'll be looking at right now is the spear. Within Kung Fu training you have solo sets and you have two person sets. This is an example of a two person fighting set, developing distance, range, timing as well as self defense. I'm Karl Romain and thank you for watching.


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