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The history of Kung Fu is a storied one with many interesting facts. Learn random facts about Kung Fu with help from a world champion martial artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Karl Romain with Edgewater Kung Fu and SifuRomain.com. Today, I'm going to talk to you about facts about Kung Fu. Kung Fu was created in the year 527 A.D., founded in the northern province of China. There are many things about Kung Fu, or many different training aspects of Kung Fu. Kung Fu is made popular here in the west, in the seventies, by the television series Kung Fu and of course, Bruce Lee. There are internal styles as well as external styles of Kung Fu. Some of the internal styles are probably one of the ones that is better, is Tai Chi. And the external of course, we have Shaolin. Kung Fu is also famous for it's weapon sets, as well as it's basics, it's amazing jump kicks and leaps. It's two man training, which also incorporates a lot of the self defense techniques and philosophy. Kung Fu also includes grappling techniques, of which we have, what's called Chin Na. Chin means to seize, Na means to control, these are joint locking techniques. This is a basic Chin Na technique called Nilo Da Si Bar. One, bring your hand up, two, step back, three, when he pulls you in, you're going to go on with him, make sure the arm bends, and push down. Next technique will be mirror palm, we're going to circle our hand, and turn the hand, as if there's a mirror facing him. As we step, we're going to turn and pull, dragging him down to the ground. Once I get him to the ground, notice, that I bring his elbow towards the floor and push his palm towards him. We also have Shuai Jiao, now Shuai Jiao is one of the oldest martial arts. It was originally created in the year 2697 B.C., and was called Jiao Di in the beginning. Now, we notice, Shuai Jiao and it's Chinese wrestling, has very powerful throws, very effective martial arts of self defense. So, the first technique that we're going to do from Shuai Jiao, will be a neck surrounding. Our next technique will be shoulder throw. And I'm Karl Romain, and this is Kung Fu facts.


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