How to Do Qigong Hsing-I Exercises

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Qigong Hsing-I exercises must be done in a very distinct way. Do Qigong Hsing-I exercises with help from a world champion martial artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Karl Romain from Edgewater Kung Fu and Today we'll be talking about Hsing-I. Hsing-I is one of the three internal styles of Kung Fu. Hsing-I uses what we call the five elements, fire, water, Earth, wood and metal. To begin we'll start with the stance. The stance in Hsing-I is called the Santi Stance. The standing foot is a 45 degree angle. The other foot is going to go straight, 70 percent on the back foot, 30 percent on the front foot. The low hand is going to be right in front of the naval or what we call the Dan Tien. The secondary hand or the first hand will be up in front of you. From here you can practice your standing meditation, breathing in, exhaling, breathing out. Tongue in the roof of the mouth. Now we'll do five animal Qigongs found in Hsing-I. The first one is Cat Washes his Face. So you'll stand in your Santi Stance and bring your arms up overhead. You're going to switch stance and this one is Bear Scratches his Belly, rolling the back fists, switching stance again, Lion Combs his Mane, now the arms move to the side. Switching stance, chicken, one palm facing forward, one palm facing towards you. The next one is Tiger Wags his Tail, stepping forward into a box stance, chop, turn, separate the arms, chop, turn and separate, step forward with the left foot, step out with the right foot. And that concludes our Hsing-I animal Qigongs.


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