How to Do Qigong Mind & Body Healing Exercises

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Qigong mind and body healing exercises need to be done in a very specific way. Find out how to do Qigong mind and body healing exercises with help from a world champion martial artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Karl Romain, Dr. Oz's Tai Chi instructor. You can also find me at Today we'll be demonstrating some Qigong techniques. To begin we'll start with our posture. You want the feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent. The pelvis is tucked under so that the back is straight. The head is up as it's suspended by a string, tongue in the roof of the mouth and teeth together. We'll be breathing through the nose. As we inhale you'll expand your belly, exhale and contract. From here we'll start with the first technique. The first technique is loosening the neck. As we inhale we'll turn the head, exhale as you return, inhaling going the other way, exhale as you return. Next we'll relax the shoulders. We'll do this by lifting the shoulders first then the elbows and finally the wrists. Inhaling, exhaling, roll the arms back, palms facing the body, slowly let the hands fall. And again inhale, exhale. Next is reaching the heaven, bring the hands together, inhale, raise hands over head, exhale as you bend to the side. Inhale, exhale, inhale, turn the hands over, separate, exhale, slowly let the hands fall. The next exercise is bow, bend and stretch, inhale, bow, slowly let the hands slide down to the knees, then bend and let the hands slide inside the legs. Exhale, keeping your knees slightly bent, relax the arms, let the head fall, back should be rounded, slowly exhaling, keep rising, keeping the head down, chin into your chest. The head will be the last part of the body to come up. These are a few basic Qigongs that you could do everyday and feel great and develop your Chi energy. I'm Karl Romain, thank you.


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