How to Raise Lettuce in Summer

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Heat tends to make the lettuce bolt to seed really quickly. Find out how to raise lettuce in summer with help from the founder of Gardenerd in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Christy Wilhelmi from Gardenerd. And this is how to raise lettuce in the summer. Growing lettuce in the summer seems like the right thing to do cause that's when we eat salads the most. But it can be a little bit of a tricky thing because the heat of summer will make lettuce bolt to seed really quickly. So the idea is to protect the lettuce while it's growing so it doesn't. I have a couple of tricks for that. The first is using shade cloth. So the first thing I like to do is take some sticks, these are bamboo sticks. And put them in the ground in the corners and maybe a couple in the middle. And then draping the whole thing with shade cloth. And basically what that looks like if I don't break my stick here, is this. Now shade cloth looks like this. And it comes in a roll. And it's available in different thicknesses that are from 30 percent shade to 70 percent shade. I like to use something somewhere in between around 50 percent. And that helps keep the lettuces cool while they are growing. So basically when you use shade cloth it keeps the lettuce protected. It won't wilt and it doesn't scald it from the sun. And it won't bolt to seed. Because bolting to seed happens when the lettuce is stressed. And this helps prevent stress. Another trick you can use to growing lettuce in the summer is to plant it behind something that's tall. So lettuce can grow in partial shade. So if you by any chance are growing tall beans or peas, or something that grows up a trellis. What you do is plant lettuce behind it so the sun is shining on the beans and peas, and cucumbers for example. And your lettuce is in the shadow behind it. And that way it will stay cool but it will still produce for you in the hot weather. Once again I'm Christy Wilhelmi with Gardenerd. And this was how to raise lettuce in the summer.


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