How to Grow Lettuce in a Pot & in the House

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You don't have to make room in your garden if you want to grow lettuce. Grow lettuce in a pot in the house with help from the founder of Gardenerd in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Christy Wilhelmi with Gardenerd. And this is how to grow lettuce in a pot and in the house. Lettuces are perfect for growing in containers or in small space gardens. And growing in the ground is similar to growing in containers. So you don't have to change too much. So, the first thing you need to know though, whether you're growing in a container in a house or outside, is you need at least six hours of sunlight for lettuces. And if you don't have six hours of sunlight you'll likely to see them get tall and spindly. That's called leggy and we don't want that. So, make sure you have a nice south facing window or window that gets at least six hours of sun. Now growing in containers, you need to be careful of what you choose. When you grow in pots that are ceramic, they're usually more porous, which means they'll dry out faster. So, you may need to water more often than if you would in the ground. So, let's get started. The first thing you want to do is choose a container that is at least six inches deep. So, I have a nice round pot like this that will give us a nice amount of root space for our lettuce plants. The next thing you want to do is put a piece of pottery in, to cover the hole at the bottom of the pot. And that will help allow for air flow and proper drainage. And then once you've done that, we're ready to fill the pot with soil. Now, you want to use a container mix that is, that has, well it needs to be labeled specifically for containers. And that usually means that it has this white puffy stuff in it. called perlite and that helps water flow through the container a lot more easily. And it also helps facilitate air flow throughout the soil, which your plants will need. So, you're going to pour some of that into the pot. I like to fill up the pot at least half way leaving a little bit of room for the, for the roots and the soil that are going to be filling up some of the space here. So, I've got some really nice lettuces in a six pack from the nursery, which is how you will usually find them. And basically you're just going to pop one of the cells out by pushing up on the bottom. See how it just lifts up like that. And then you're going to lift it out. So, what you do next is tease the root ball apart. So, I'm going to fit it in my hand like this, and then I'm going to just with my fingers, just pull the bottom part of the roots apart, just a little, not too much. And then we're ready to plant it. So, one of the things that you might want to do before planting your transplants though, is to soak the whole thing in water because then it gives it a leg up on survival. So, at this point, I'm ready to plant my, my transplant. So, I'm just going to dig a hole and stick it in the hole. Now, you want to bury the lettuce pretty much up to the same level that the soil is on the transplant. So, you're going to back fill the soil gently around the plant. And I don't really like to compress the soil with my hands. I'll give it a little bit of a pat, but most of the time I like to let watering do the compression for me. And that's basically it. You can fill your whole bowl or pot with lettuces. I like to place then six inches apart. That gives them plenty of room to grow. And you can plant this entire six pack in here and have plenty of room to have a lovely salad garden, in the house. I'm Christy Whilelmi of Gardenerd and this was how to grow lettuce in the pot and in the house.


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