Why Do Boys Pay More for Auto Insurance Than Girls?

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Boys pay more than girls on their auto insurance policies for a few very specific reasons. Learn the reason why boys pay more for auto insurance than girls with help from a dedicated insurance professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name is Doug Levi. I'm principal agent and owner of Strategic Insurance Services. Today we're going to tackle why do boys pay more than girls on their auto insurance premium. Well, it's pretty simple. It's going to come down to a few things. The first is claims. On average, boys have more accidents in claims. Especially young boys. Anyone under the age of 20, you're looking at your highest risk category. The second thing is tickets. Speeding tickets, seat belt violations, running a red light, running a stop sign. All of these are actuarially proven by the insurance industry over a very long period of time that boys typically have higher incidents of claims and accidents and also higher incidents of ticket. What I would suggest is that if you are a parent of a youthful boy is to really sit down and put that quote on quote, fear of God in them. And explain to them that their auto insurance premium can go up severely. The other thing is if they have a very serious accident or various serious violation it could even affect further employment. So it's always a good idea to sit with them and really go over the importance and the seriousness of what the responsibility they have when driving a car. Last thing I would suggest is maybe contacting your local independent agent. Your agent would be happy most times to sit down with the family and discuss some of these issues. This has been why do boys pay more than girls on their auto insurance premium. If you want more information on auto insurance, you can go to our website which is www.tampabayinsurance.net. My name is Doug Levi. I'm with Strategic Insurance Services.


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