Why Do Insurance Companies Test Blood & Urine?

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Insurance companies test blood and urine for a few different reasons. Find out why insurance companies test blood and urine with help from a dedicated insurance professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Doug Levi, I'm principal agent and owner of Strategic Insurance Services and today I'm going to talk to you about why do insurance companies test your blood and your urine when trying to attain certain life and health insurance, and really the reason's pretty simple, they want to find out how healthy you are and they get a lot of information from that, from the blood and the urine. Of course, cholesterol, blood lipids, your triglycerides, there's lots of things they can determine from your actual blood work. The other thing that they want to look at is they're going to test in that urine, they're going to test for drugs and they're going to test for tobacco. I tell my clients a lot of times when they might be willing to write a life insurance policy with me and well let me say I just had an exam from my doctor, I just had a physical. Can we use that? And I often say, well geeze I wish we could but the insurance company's going to test for some different things that your doctor most likely didn't. Again, the doctor most likely is not testing for cocaine, marijuana, tobacco use, where you're insurance carrier wants to know those things and why, well, simply they know that if you're doing drugs, you're not going to be a good candidate for the policy because you're going to be a lot more likely to die and of course the healthier I am the better the rate I'm going to get. The less healthier I am, the worse the rate I'm going to get or potentially being declined. So those are the primary reasons why carriers do these tests. If you'd like more information on life insurance and the underwriting process you can go to our website at: www.tampabayinsurance.net. This has been, why do insurance carriers test for blood and urine. My name is Doug Levi, I'm principal agent and owner for Strategic Insurance Services.


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