How Are Mountain Bike Forks Fixed?

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How a mountain bike fork is fixed depends on the specific nature of the problem. Learn how mountain bike forks are fixed with help from the co-owner of Berkshire Bike and Board in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Steffen Root, co-owner of Berkshire Bike and Board and today we're going to talk about fixing suspension mountain bike forks. Suspension mountain bike forks come in all sorts of different varieties. Suspension mountain bike forks can be fairly complicated. There are all sorts of different suspension mountain bike forks. There are air forks, spring forks. There's compression. There's dampening. Basically, suspension forks are pretty complicated. So depending on what is wrong with your fork can vary how difficult or how easy it is to fix it. What I recommend is bringing it to your local bike shop to have them diagnose and maybe it's something quite simple to fix or it might be complicated. Because there are lots of small parts, special tools are required to service a fork. We generally recommend that you bring it to your local professional. If the local bike shop cannot work on it, what they will do is either send it out to get it repaired by the manufacturer or an authorized service center. A suspension fork on a mountain bike basically is a shock absorber on the front end of the bike, absorbing the terrain as you go over it, therefore giving you more control over your ride. Absorbing the bumps, rocks, roots, therefore keeping your wheel in contact with the ground, giving you more traction therefore more control. The cost to get your fork serviced can be anywhere from just a few dollars if it's a simple fix all the way up to well over a hundred dollars depending on what needs to be done. If there's parts that need to be replaced, that will increase the cost but generally a regular servicing is right around a hundred dollars. The best way to keep your suspension fork in good working order is to have it serviced regularly. If you go a long period of time without doing any service to it or keeping it clean, will definitely impact the life of the fork. A regular servicing of a suspension fork entails changing all the oils, replacing the seals, cleaning the fork internally and then re-installing it and putting it all back together. This has been how to fix a suspension mountain bike fork. My name is Steffen Root, co-owner of Berkshire Bike and Board, here in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.


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