Gluten-Free Red Potato & Green Bean Salad

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You can make a nice gluten-free red potato and green bean salad right in the comfort of your own kitchen. Make gluten-free red potato and green bean salad with help from a chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Ellen Adams from and today I'm going to be making gluten free red potato salad with green beans. For this potato salad I've got about a pound, pound a half of boiled red potatoes and before I boil these I cut them in half to speed up the cooking process but half a potato is a little too big for potato salad so I cut them into quarters so this is about the size you're going to want for potato salad. So they're all quartered like that and right before my potatoes were done I threw in about half a pound to a pound of green beans. So these have been what I would call blanched so they're still al dente, still, but they're not as crisp as they would be if they were fresh and you just add those right to your potatoes and I have one green onion and that's all chopped up. That's going to give it a little heat, a little zing. I've got about half a teaspoon of salt, we'll add that right in, one clove of garlic. Now this is going to be raw but I took the clove and I diced it up very finely so we'll just dump that in. I have about a half a cup of red onion, so we'll put that right in there. I have two tablespoons of mustard. Now this is a spicy brown mustard but you can use whatever kind of mustard you prefer, whatever you happen to have on hand. I have a half a cup of balsamic vinegar, just pour that right int here. I'm going to give it a little shake of Worcestershire and that's just a couple of dashes like that, a couple turns of the pepper mill, season it up a little bit, probably be about an eighth of a teaspoon and I have about a quarter cup of olive oil. That's going to be, coat our potatoes nicely, a little bit, probably a tablespoon of lemon juice. Now what I like to do is I just squeeze it into my hand. Now all the seeds are going to come into my hand and I'm going to let the juice go through my fingers but I keep the seeds in my hand, nice little trick there, there we go. And then it calls for about a tablespoon of fresh basil and that's what I have right here and when you deal with fresh basil, just pinch it off with your fingernails, get a couple of nice leaves, there we go. Now what I do is I stack them up and then I roll them just like this so you have a little cigar and then just chop away and it makes nice little ribbons just like that and you can drop it right in to your potato and green bean salad. Alright, now I'm going to give this a quick fold and there we have gluten free green bean and red potato salad.


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