How to Draw a Tractor Combine

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A tractor combine is a very specific type of machinery that is instantly recognizable. Draw a tractor combine with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm an artist and today we're going to draw a tractor combine. So when we draw our tractor combine we have basically a big kind of a square piece on the combine that comes out and this is almost like, it looks kind of like an old fashioned car almost and then there's sort of a seat area up here and we've got our steering wheel that comes out. So it's kind of a simple tractor combine, not too complicated. It's got the front grate and it's got wheels of course, you need a couple wheels. You can see the wheel kind of sticking out on that side a little bit and we'll give it some hubcaps, it's kind of a special little combine and then and also generally, one wheel is a little bit bigger. So like we'll make the front wheel a little bit bigger here. And then it has a piece that kind of comes out from underneath almost sort of from the front attached and it has a, like a big kind of, it looks like a pointy shovel that comes out underneath it like that and I think this is the part that's used to kind of harvest stuff. So we can give this a little bit of dimension here, bring that out a little bit and then maybe make a little bit of dimension on these to show just how gnarly this machine is. And just go back through, add a few finishing touches, there we go and that is how you draw a tractor combine.


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