How to Draw Maryland's State Flag

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The state flag of Maryland is very recognizable, especially to those who live in that state. Draw Maryland's state flag with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm an artist and today we're going to draw the Maryland state flag. So the Maryland state flag is actually not the super easiest flag in the world to draw but it's very interesting. It's got four very distinct parts which are actually made of the family crests of two different families if you can imagine that. So the first part is, it kind of looks like almost racing stripes or something. So we're going to do two diagonal lines like so and the line is going to continue on to the second part of the flag like that and then we have basically these kind of stripes going down the flag like that and there are three sets of them on each side. So, like this and then, in addition to that we have two other parts in these two quadrants which are, they kind of almost, I don't want to say Skull and Crossbones, they kind of have that look, they come in like that on all four sides. So it's almost like a clover shape like that and then it has a line through like so and the colors are divided which I'll go into a little bit more in detail in a minute. So basically it's got that on each of these two quadrants, that same shape, kind of a clover, almost Skull and Crossbones like shape and then it's divided with a line where the colors are. Okay so now the colors on this flag are yellow, black, red and white so we're going to use yellow and yellow is basically every other block here is black and yellow. So they're going to go kind of like this on each side and then, these pieces here are black and then it continues onward so we've got yellow and yellow and yellow. So basically every other square, kind of like a checkerboard is going to be yellow and black and then these ones are black. And then for the cross or clover part or clubs, there is squares of red so we're going to use this color to show where the red is. So basically on each side is red, on each other side, so it switches like that and then this is where it gets a little tricky, and then the little piece on its opposite is also red and it's like that on both quadrants. So up here, we've got red and then on the other side we've got red around here. And then in the same token, we've got red on the opposite of the design. And that right there is how you draw the Maryland state flag.


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