Apple Vinegar Salad

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Apple vinegar salad is a dish that really has a lot of rich flavor. Learn about apple vinegar salad with help from a celebrity chef who trained at the Culinary Institute of America in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Bryan from Trellis at the Heathman Hotel in Kirkland, Washington, and we're here today to show you how to make an apple vinegar salad. Now, we say apple vinegar. That's a big story, because this is the apple, but how do we get vinegar from the apple? So, we start out, apples are crushed, and then they make apple cider, and then apple cider is fermented and turned into vinegar. So, actually we're going to make an apple cider vinaigrette, and we're going to serve it with fresh apples on our salad today. I'm going to start out with a little bit of baby greens. I have baby romaine leaves here. They're crisp. You want to make sure that, for the salad, that you have a beautiful crisp lettuce, and that it's ice cold and rinsed clean. For our dressing--going to make a very simple dressing by taking a few shallots. And I pre-chopped my shallots. I'm going to put into the shallots couple teaspoons of cider vinegar. I'm going to put three teaspoons of cider vinegar. And into this, a little olive oil. Now, in our dressing, so that we balance it, a little trick is, you want to put twice as much oil as you have vinegar. So, we're going to put six spoons of oil into this, a little salt, a little pepper. Going to take and then mix this. Just want to blend our vinegar in. Now, when you're using vinegar, and you want to bring the flavor and balance the flavor, it's always important to add a little other acid to it, a little other acidity. So, I'm going to put just a half a teaspoon of lemon juice. And we have a very quick apple cider vinaigrette. Now, while we let this sit, going to take our apple. I have a mandolin. A mandolin is just basically a slicer. So, we're going to take our apple--I'm not going to peel it. I've washed it. And this here is a Jonagold apple. Going to use my mandolin to make beautiful little apple sticks. I'm going to take and toss these apple sticks, 'cause we want to really have a beautiful little pile. Looks almost like a haystack. So, if you think fall, you think apples. You think hay. You think farms, apple cider. We dress our salad with our vinaigrette. We're going to put our apple sticks on top. Now, the apples are going to be nice and crunchy, but it's also nice to add a little bit of texture. So, I'm going to put a few roasted hazelnuts. Top this with a touch of salt, little sprinkle of pepper, and a drizzle of olive oil. And there we have an apple cider salad. Thank you.


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