Strawberry & Onion Salad

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Strawberry and onion salad is a great dish that, despite what you may initially think, features two ingredients that really work well together. Find out about strawberry and onion salad with help from a celebrity chef who trained at the Culinary Institute of America in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Bryan from Trellis at The Heathman Hotel in Kirkland, Washington. And I'm here to today, to show you how to make a strawberry and onion salad. Now, somebody would often say, strawberries and onions, how do they go together? Well, you have beautiful strawberries, spring time in Pacific North-West. They are beautiful and red, have a nice, little top on them, we just lightly rinse them. So, we're going to leave the strawberry in it's purest form. We're going to transform the onion a little bit, take a red onion, and these are the three stages. We take a red onion, and roast it for 350 degree oven, for about 10 to 12 minutes. Remove it from the oven, and allow it cool So, there's a raw onion, this is our roasted onion that we've cooled. And this is our onion, after we've peeled it. So, the reason we roast it, is we want to bring out the sweetness. Onions often are harsh when you first eat them. But when you roast them in the oven and you cool them, they have a beautiful, sweet flavor. So, our salad is going to be very simple, we take our roasted onion, we're going to cut it into quarters. And we want to put those beautiful quarters right onto the plate. We're going to take fresh strawberries, and just remove the top from the strawberries. You can do this with your knife, or often you can take just the tip of a spoon. And remove the strawberry top with the tip of the spoon, and I can show you that. So, cleaning strawberries in a hurry, just take your spoon and pull that right off. tip of the spoon, under the crown, and pull it off. So, I need one more strawberry for our salad. And I think, this one, for the center, we're going to slice. I'll just take that sliced strawberry, put it in the center of our onion, we're going to move everything in really tight. Strawberries, onions pair very well with mint. We need a little something green to garnish, so fresh mint leaves. I'm going to top this with a little bit of olive oil, and a drizzle of red wine vinegar. And then, at the very end, just a sprinkle of sugar. And we have strawberry and onion salad.


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