Christmas Decorating Ideas for Windows

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Windows naturally lend themselves to a wide variety of gorgeous Christmas decorations. Learn about Christmas decorating ideas for windows with help from an author, magazine editor and lifestyle expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Colleen Mullaney for And you know when you have all these beautiful windows, the holidays are coming and you don't have anything to decorate them with. This is a really easy craft and it's so much fun and it's just, it leaves your windows glittering for days. So, they're glitter stars and I'll show you how. You just take a cookie cutter as your base and on a piece of wax paper, just trace out the shape of the star, just using a pencil, that's fine. Now you just take some craft glue and go along the perimeter lines of the star, just like that and then fill in the star with glue. Now don't overload it or it will go outside of the lines but, which is fine because I did that on a couple of mine and you know what, you can just trim off the excess with a scissor when it hardens. So it's really no worries but you know, the perfect is in the imperfection. So we have our glue star and now we're just going to cover it with glitter. I did say it was easy right? So here we go. And you know you could use any color glitter you'd like but I'm partial to silver and gold during the holidays, I just love the, how everything just shimmers and shines and that's it. You let it set over night, come back and shake off the excess glitter and then I left mine to dry for two days and what you do then when they're dry, you peel them right off the wax paper and you end up with stars like this. And don't worry if the edges aren't perfect. You know, it's a beautiful star. Just take a hole puncher and pick one of your points, this one looks good and simply just punch a hole and get some decorative ribbon. This is just a white ribbon that I picked up at the craft store and just string it right through and there you go. And you hang them on your windows and they are beautiful, glittery and they really dress up your windows. They're a perfect holiday accent. Thanks for watching. I'm Colleen Mullaney.


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