Homemade Christmas Ornaments Using Light Bulbs

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You can take a regular light bulb and turn it into a great ornament in just a few moments. Learn about homemade Christmas ornaments that can be made using light bulbs with help from an author, magazine editor and lifestyle expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Colleen Mullaney for colleenmullaney.com. I'm going to show you today how to make an adorable ornament using a light bulb. They're really popular these days and you know, they're great for the recycling crafts ; reduce, reuse, recycle. So, here I've made an adorable reindeer. I love him. And I'm going to show you how to make him today. Now, there's so many different versions of light bulb ornaments. My kids love to take our old light bulbs and just paint glue on them and just throw all kinds of glitter on them and you know, decorate them with ribbons, that's a great craft as well. But, to make our reindeer, we're going to take an old light bulb and some brown craft whip. And we're just going to, I just squeeze them right on the light bulb and you're just going to coat really liberally and I do about two to three coats. This, the acrylic paint dries really quickly and it's really easy to use, it's washable; so, it's all good for crafting. Now, after you've paint the light bulb brown, you're going to add the face. And you know, I just do really simple faces; I thought it was a really cute reindeer face. So, I used black for his some eyebrows and eyes and then, I did a little triangle, triangular, kind of like a little nose for the reindeer. I just added white dots for the, the little eyeballs. And let me just get to our finished reindeer and I can show you how I completed it. So, I painted it brown and I put the face on. And again, you know, the perfectionist and the imperfection; if you're not a great, you know, fine artist, I'm not. Just use, just use a really, just use a brush with a really thin tip, not very much paint and just, you know, do the rest you can do. It's going to be great. So, to cover the top of the light bulb, I used red Grow Green ribbon and some tacky glue and I glued that on to cover. And then, I glued onto the back this really fun candy cane stripe ribbon to hang. So, this will be our little ornament hanger. Now, to get the antlers in there, I used a brown pipe cleaner; here we are and I just cut it about four inches. And then, I took another length, twisted it around the top, just kind of shape it out a little bit so it starts looking like an antler. Then, I add one more at the bottom; then, just dab the bottom of the pipe cleaner with the tacky glue and stick it into the side of the ribbon. And they'll, they'll really hold nicely there. Now, to finish him off, I thought, "Well, what can we do up here where the top of the light bulb is?" Right here. I thought, "Well, you know what, let's do a little fun, little fringe". So, this a chenille boa that I got at the craft store and it comes in, I think it's a three yard length. Anyway, I cut the, a little length and I'm just going to, with my tacky glue, put it right in the top. And it adds a little fluff and it's really fun for the holidays to have fluff everywhere. Here we go, little tacky glue and we're just going to stick it right in there. And it covers up the top of the light bulb and just adds a nice little bit of fluff. Here we go. Okay. How fun and festive is your new light bulb ornament. Thanks for watching. I'm Colleen Mullaney.


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