Handmade Christmas Ornaments With Sea Shells

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Sea shells can be used to make a wide variety of gorgeous homemade Christmas ornaments. Learn about handmade Christmas ornaments with sea shells with help from an author, magazine editor and lifestyle expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Colleen Mullaney for Colleenmullaney.com. With Christmas around the corner and with Summer just past, I have a whole bunch of seashells so I wanted to come up with a couple ideas for making seashell ornaments and I came up with a little Mermaidian angel. So we're going to take, it's really easy to do, we're going to take a little seashell and some, I decided to make her glittery, since glitter is really in and you can't have enough glitter and glam during the holidays. I just really take the silver glitter paint, a little brush and paint it right on the shell and you can see the texture of the shell really picks up the glitter nicely. And you can do one or two coats, whatever you would like. I think one is pretty good so you let that dry and then an angel needs wings. So we're going to take a little piece of silver wire edged ribbon and just make her little wings, just kind of make a loop this way and another loop and we are actually going to secure it with our glittery iridescent pipe cleaner. So we're just going to cut off a piece and you're basically making a little bow but when you put it on the back of the shell it really looks like some Mermadian angel wings, okay so just like that. Now you have your angel wings and you can snip the end of the ribbon off just like that. Now once this is dry we're going to glue the angel wings to the back of the shell. Now I just use tacky glue. I find tacky glue really works well, it kind of like makes everything stick nicely. So once our shell is dry, we'll put on the wings. We're just going to let that set for a while until it really really sticks. And then once that sticks then you can trim this little tail from the pipe cleaner. The next thing we do is add her head and I thought these glittery pompoms are perfect for our under the sea Mermadian angel. So again, just a little tacky glue, right on the pompom, perfect and just put it right on top of the shell there. Alright our angel is really coming together. Now once the glue dries you trim the tail, then I have one that's almost finished here, then on the back we're going to glue some of this great iridescent ribbon. I just thought this would make a really great hanger because everything is so sparkly and shimmery for our angel. And I just picked this up at the craft store, you can get it in bins. I think there's five yards in here and it's fairly inexpensive. So if you have a lot of shells like I do you can make a lot of Mermaidian angels. Now our angel needs a halo. So we're going to take our iridescent pipe cleaner which is really so fun and shimmery and we're just going to fashion a little halo like that and just trim the end, wrap the end around the stem, just like that so it doesn't stick out and the pointy end is really all closed in there. Then we're going to take it and we're just going to glue it right to the back. Now I'm going to trim this down a little bit. The halo is a little too high. So we're just going to take the tacky glue and really coat the pipe cleaner well and lift up your angel and just stick it right in the back there until it really sets nicely. And once that sets you have a beautiful angel made from the sea for your Christmas tree. Thanks for watching. I'm Colleen Mullaney.


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