Christmas Tree Decorations From Folded Paper

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You can take a regular piece of folded paper and turn it into a Christmas tree decoration with relatively little work. Learn about Christmas tree decorations from folded paper with help from an author, magazine editor and lifestyle expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Colleen Mullaney for I'm going to show you a really great Christmas tree decoration made from paper. And, the finished one is here. It kind of looks like a little, I don't know, a psychedelic sphere. Now, I used scrapbooking paper, but you can use anything. You can use newspaper, or magazines. It's a great recycled craft as well. And, these are so much fun. You know, you can fill the tree in no time. What you're going to need is a couple of sheets of either magazine paper or scrapbooking paper. And, I'm using - today, I'm using, like, golds and silvers, and, you know, different patterns. I thought that would be kind of fun. And, I'm using a cookie cutter as my template. This is just, like, a big plastic cookie cutter from my kitchen. I'm a great big fan of "use what you have," and I have lots of cookie cutters. So, we're going to take it, we're going to flip it around to get the larger circle, and just make a circle here. And then, we're going to cut them out. We're going to need about 10 per ornament. So, here I've cut one out already. And, what we're going to do is just simply cut about halfway through, to the center. We're going to get a piece of double sided tape, and put a piece on right there. And then, we're also going to put a piece on the other side. So, two pieces of double sided tape. And now, what we're going to do is we're just going to roll the paper into, like, a little funnel shape. And, just make sure it sticks using your double sided tape. And then, you're simply going to roll the other side. And there, when you have your spear like I have my spear here, this is what we have as our finished shape. And, we're going to take these, and with a needle and thread, once you have 10 made, you're going to take your needle and thread and just kind of like poke a hole in the top, and just do that, and string 10. And, as you're stringing, just kind of - they are going to kind of layer themselves automatically, because they are kind of, like, you know, they're cone-shaped, so they're kind of find their own space. And, just make sure you're, you know, shaping the ball as you're stringing along. Now, once you have 10 done, you're going to just cut your needle off, and you have your thread. And again, you know, you can still fuss with the shape. And, you know, the perfection is in the imperfection. This is a handmade paper ornament. It's perfect the way it is. It doesn't have to be perfect. And then, you know what? If you don't want the thread to hang, you can just replace this with a beautiful piece of ribbon. You can cut the thread really short, just knot it first, and just wrap it into a beautiful piece of, like, I would use metallic with this, either gold or silver. It makes a really beautiful folded paper decoration for your Christmas tree. I'm Colleen Mullaney. Thanks for watching.


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