Directions on Making Christmas Bows

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Christmas bows are something you can make at home using a few very specific steps. Get directions on how to make Christmas bows with help from an author, magazine editor and lifestyle expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Colleen Mullaney for: Today, I'm going to show you how to make a Christmas bow. You know it's so good over the holidays, I put bows everywhere. You know from wreaths to staircases, front doors, back doors, I just, I love to decorate with bows and they're so easy to make, here's how we do it. Take some ribbon, now I prefer to use wire edged ribbon because I think that it's, it's more pliable, you can really shape it into a nice bow shape and you know it's really, it's just easier to work with. So I just you know pick this up at the craft store, this is, we're just using a green and red plaid today for the holidays and what you're going to do is take a tail. So maybe you have fourteen inches here, maybe sixteen and depending on where you're putting the bow, if you're going to make a huge bow then you need big loops like this but you know this is for my staircase so I'm just going to make a medium size bow. So I'm going to take about a twelve to fourteen inch tail and make about a six inch loop just like that and then I'm going to take this part of the ribbon and just fold it back onto the middle of my other loop, my first loop and then I'm going to fold it back again and fold it back again, kind of looks like ribbon candy, fold it back again, and again until you have six loops just like that. Now, the seventh loop you're going to take and just fold it over a tiny bit and this creates the tiny little loop in the center, it's your nice finishing touch. You're just going to gather all this with your fingers. Now, to create a couple of tails, I love tails on my bows, I think it really makes them festive and over the top. You're just going to take a length of ribbon and pull it in, you know a little longer than your loops and then you're just going to let the other end go just like that. Now, before we cut our ribbon off of our spool because we have it gathered now, we need to wire the center first. So I use floral wire, this is twenty-two gage, you can get different gages, you can get twenty-four, twenty-six. This is twenty-two, I find that this really easy to work with when I'm making bows for wreaths and things. Snip off a length like twelve inches, put it through the tiny loop and right around where your fingers are holding everything together, push all the loops back and you're going to twist really tightly just like that. Okay, now you're ready to cut the end of the ribbon, we don't want to be distracted while we're trying to wire our ribbon together, there we are and now take the long loop and at an angle, I like to do angles but you can do straight, however you like to, finish and cut your ribbon off for your bow just like that. So now we end up with a bunch of tails which are perfect because you know if you're doing the staircase you can actually put a tail up and a tail down so your bows kind of float on your, down your staircase on your greenery that your, your hanging there. So we're just going to fluff out from the center, make sure all of our hoops are nice and full and that everything is facing you and the bow is nice and happy and then you are ready to hang your bow with your wire. If you want to trim some of your tails so they're all the same length that's great, why don't we do that. There we go and I've made another one here so we are ready for our staircase it seems and that's all it is to making beautiful Christmas bows. Thanks for watching I'm Colleen Mullaney.


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