How to Make a Christmas Tree Angel Topper

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A homemade angel can make a lovely topper for a Christmas tree. Make a Christmas tree angel topper with help from an author, magazine editor and lifestyle expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Colleen Mullaney from Today, I'm going to be making an angel tree topper. Here's our finished angel; although she needs a halo and we'll get to that. But, isn't she adorable? And she's ready to top the Christmas tree. She's so easy to make. Here's how we do it. We're going to take one of these cones that I found in a craft store. They're really perfect for her base and they're nice and sturdy and they're really easy to work with. So, what we're going to do is cut off the top, maybe about an inch and a half; just like that, that's perfect. And then, we're going to take some decorative paper. Now, these I found in the scrap booking aisle. This is rice paper; it's really beautiful. It has flex of golden and silver in it. You can use any paper that you'd like to. And what you're going to do with your tacky glue is just cover the cone; if you want to paint the glue on the cone, that would be great. That's a great way to coat it. Get a nice even coat. I'll just do it quickly here to show you. And you're just going to put the paper right on. Make sure it covers the bottom because the top is going to be covered with other paper and ribbon. So, we'll be okay at the top. Now, I'm just winding around the cone shape as best as possible here, just like that and then, you have some overlap and you can trim that away and you can use that to fill in the back piece there. But really, we will be covering the back with two more pieces of paper. So, what I do is I just cut this away here and make sure that's loosed down and then, just go along the bottom and trim the edges because you don't want your angel's dress coming any longer than the cone. So, like that; that creates your base. Now, to create the angel's; there we go; to create the angel's wrap, we'll, we're just going to take another sheet of paper and we're going to take some golds ric rac braiding. Again, I found it at the craft store and very inexpensive. I'm going to cut the, the lengths to the ends of the paper just like that and you're going to glue it on with tacky glue. And I use tacky, I, you know, works really well for this project; so, I recommend it. And once we have the gold braiding on; here I actually I had it on; the, the longer length, but it's actually the shorter length. Just like that; we'll trim it to size. We'll put it on; I'm not sure, quite sure if it's going to stick at this point, but let's see 'cause you have to kind of hold it down for a little bit for it to stick. This project is so fun and every time you look at your tree, you think, "Oh, I made my angel tree topper". Here we go and just trim the excess here ric rac. Perfect! Okay. Now, and you know what, you're going to do that to the other side as well. But, I'm just, for how to purposes, I'll just do one just so we can show you how to get this jacket on her, her little wrap. You're going to; see once that's dried, you're going to squeeze the paper together just like this so it fits around the cone, just like that. You're going to glue it, just like that, all the way around. And then, on the other side, on the other opening, again, you'll have the gold ric rac for our beautiful angel. And then, for the bottom, we're going to create a glittery bottom for her. Just take a gold ric rac and glue it right to the bottom, all the way around. And make sure it's nice and taunt so there's no bumps or spaces and you're going to have to hold it down for a couple of minutes just so it sets nicely. So, that's our jacket and there our base for our angel tree topper. Now, to make the arms, I took a length of again our beautiful paper. I just rolled it about a half an inch width and I just rolled it like this and here we go. Run a length of tacky glue along the outer rim and then, just fold it in and it should stay nicely. Now, you place your arms around, just like this and if you need to trim them, you can trim them. And you can, you glue them to the back; tacky glue works for the whole project, it's really fantastic. If you want to trim your arms a little bit, you ca do that and now, what I do for the hands was I took our little mini popsicle sticks and I took some tacky glue and I just glue them right in. And they really stayed nicely. So, just like that; there are our hands. Now, angels need wings; I know; so, we have a piece of really great, sparkly, reflective scrap booking paper. And I just took a wing template that I had found on, online and I enlarged it and I just traced this side. And you know, I trace really loosely and then, I flipped it over and I traced the other side. So, when I cut it out, I have wings that go on both sides. It's just one piece of paper. Then, the next thing we did was create the angel's head. Now, in the craft store, in the aisle where there's all these, the wooden mobiles and bird houses and all kinds of wooden shapes, they have wooden doll heads. And that's what these are. This is, I used a two-inch doll head; this is about one and a half inch doll head. So, I painted it in like a medium blush color. I used white with just a tiny bit of paint, acrylic paint. Let it dry. And then, I actually used black marker for the angel's eyes and mouth and I used pink for her smiley, very blushy cheeks. You're going to take your wood topper and this is why we cut off the top of the cone to create a flat surface. You're going to really apply a lot of tacky glue here and push it down and just let it set and it, it's going to stay once it's set and dry, just like that. Now, the next thing that I did to make the angel topper was to give her some hair. And I just took some yellow cotton yarn that I found at the craft store and you know what, I just took my time with it. I cut about four inch lengths of yarn and I, and I took a line of tacky glue at the top and I just laid them across. And then to do the bangs, what I did was, I took about a one, a two-inch length because I'd ended up trimming them anyway because you can. So easy just to trim to, you know, the length that you like. Some, maybe some people like their angels with really short bangs, but I kind of like them a little long and kind of a little all over the place. So, kind of just like that and just glue them all across the top, just like I've done here. And those are the bangs. And I used some great decorative ribbon to give her a little bow here and that hides the, the seam between the paper and the wooden head. So, I just used this decorative gold ribbon and made a nice bow; beautiful. And then, the last thing we're going to do on our angel; she is so angelic, I love her, is to give her a halo. So, I found this great star; it's really in a wrapping paper section, it's great; this little star garland you can really use it for anything; so, I thought it would be really fantastic for our angel. So, I took about four lengths, I wrapped them around each other and I made a little star halo. And we're just going to sec, secure that with a little bit of tacky glue and we're all set. Isn't she so angelic? I mean, I just think she's adorable. There she is, our angel tree topper. Thanks for watching, I'm Colleen Mullaney.


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