How to Build Strength After 50

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There are a wide variety of things you can do to build strength after age 50 comes and goes. Build strength after 50 with help from a director of personal training in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jeremy Manning, Director of Personal Training at Elevation Fitness and the founder of Uplift Project. Today, we'll be talking about how to build strength after 50. First we're going to need a step usually low to medium height and two dumbbells, lightweight. I'm going to use a ten and a five, but anything that feels light and comfortable and two different weights will be fine. So, thinking about building strength after 50 and as we age, the important thing to remember is what we do in daily life. One of the most common exercises for the movements that we do every single day is getting in and out of a chair. So today I have about a knee level step what I'm going to do is practice a squat into a seat. The simplest way, your feet are going to be hip width apart, we're going to squat down, nice and steady, have a set, stepping back up, pushing through the heel of the foot, balancing on the ball, come down nice and steady and back up. If you want to advance that a little bit, don't actually touch the step, come all the way down as close as you can without touching and then come back up, nice and easy, facing forward, eyes are level, chest up, sitting back. So, the next exercise is a basic farmer's walk with uneven weight. Thinking again about daily activity and exercise or movements we do on a daily basis, this exercise replicates carrying groceries or anything in general. Any time we're carrying weight typically they are uneven so it's a nice simple farmer's walk. I've got a five pound in one hand and a ten pound in the other and I'm just going to walk naturally, nice and easy. I'm Jeremy Manning, Director of Personal Training at Elevation Fitness and that was how to build strength after 50.


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