Tips for the Day Before a Half-Marathon

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Every day leading up to a half-marathon is important, but especially the day before. Get tips for the day before a half-marathon with help from a director of personal training in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jeremy Manning, Director of Personal Training at Elevation Fitness and the founder of Uplift Project. Today, we'll be covering tips for the day before half marathon. One of the most important things to remember before a marathon or half marathon is don't try anything new. Stick with whatever regimen you've been using during your training, sports drinks, supplements, diet, all should remain the same. That way you know what to expect, your body is conditioned and prepared and there's no surprises. Also a key thing to remember is limbering up, being relaxed and prepared for the race. So today we'll cover some core flexibility exercise and a calf stretch. The core flexibility is really important because throughout the entire marathon or half marathon there is a lot of movement in the core and you have to stabilize your spine the entire time. So first thing we'll cover is a basic calf exercise or a calf stretch exercise, right foot forward. We're going to bring the toe up off the floor and both legs stay straight, bend at the waist keeping your shoulder blades back nice and easy. Okay you should feel that right down the back of the hamstring all the way to the back of the calf. If you want to add to it a little bit, keeping that back straight, lean down a little bit more, reach for the toe. And also we're going to cover some core stretching exercises again remember that core is important in a long endurance race. So, nice and easy, core stretches, interlace the fingers, push the hand to the floor, reach straight up to the sky, push to the ceiling, nice and easy. Alright and we can do a lateral stretch leaning to the right, holding 20 seconds, lean to the left, back to center. Remember stretches are 20 seconds, not 10, 20 seconds or more for relaxation and flexibility. I'm Jeremy Manny, Director of Personal Training at Elevation Fitness and that was preparing for a half marathon the day before.


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