How to Start a Workout Plan

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Any good workout plan begins with a single step. Learn how to start a work out plan with help from the founder and owner of STRONG gym in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. This is Willy McNeely from STRONG Gym. And this is how to start a workout plan. Now, the number one thing you're going to have to remember when starting a workout plan is to actually have a greater purpose, a goal for what you're doing the workout plan for. Now, for professional athletes usually it's like their goals and stuff are all planned out even years, months, you know, weeks in advance. It's always planned out and periodized. That way they know what goal they're trying to achieve and always working towards that and that will help with your day to day activities for what you're doing during your workout plan. Now, for starting the workout plan you want to need to first, like I said, get the goal in mind for what you're trying to accomplish and then start from there. So, say if you'd like to bench press 300 pounds within six months you know, you're going to start from the six month mark and kind of back off and keep backing off to present day where you're at. So, that way you'll be able to see how am I going to achieve this, how am I going to get towards this goal you know instead of just you know, just starting it and ending up like the blind leading the blind, not really having a greater plan, not a greater purpose for what you do. But you know, it's almost as you just want to go and spin the wheels at first. So, that's why it's so necessary to actually have a goal in mind. That way you're not going to be spinning your wheels. That way it's like you're always going to be moving towards that greater purpose, you know. Because remember with a workout plan first you're trying to, what you're really trying to do is help build your physical foundation. Because that's going to impact your mental, emotional, spiritual foundations as well. So, remember the stronger the foundation the higher the peak. So, just with the workout you know, that's just one part of what you're trying to accomplish. And then during what.. the workout plan, you're trying to do is you gotta keep in mind everything else you know, what you're trying to accomplish, such as, am I trying to increase my cardiovascular fitness, am I trying to increase my physical strength? And then even with that, am I trying to increase my absolute strength? Am I trying to increase how fast I am? What exactly am I trying to do? Just fat loss, even some general things you know, just like, I just want to feel healthier. Well, you're still going to need some specific goals or in the end it could just be you're not really going to see any progression you know, in what you're doing if you just start and not really have a plan, with no goals in mind. Now, one of the key things you going to have to remember when starting your workout plan is incorporating every facet of fitness into what you are doing. So, with day to day you know workout operations for what you're doing, you're going to need to always plan a little bit of flexibility, mobility, such as foam rolling. Then after that you're going to have to plan even more progressions during your warm up. Such as just you know, even slight cardiovascular fitness at the beginning, just to get blood and more of your circulatory system just pumping and really waking your body up. And even including some activities that day. neurologically will waken your body up so that way you're going to be prepared to workout for the day. Then after that, you can have more of a concrete fitness goals for that day. So, say if you just want to work on more cardiovascular fitness or energy system work or you know, strength training exercises, such as getting stronger in the squat, the bench, the delip and the military, or in getting stronger all around. Then after that, after you get that you know initial workout plan, then you only need to remember the accessory things that are going to help build up those main things up that will increase your relative body strength like push ups, rows, you know a lot of body weight type exercises. And then it's always good to end your you know, your first day of your workout plan with you know, maybe some extra flexibility, dynamic, mobility work. So, sometimes even foam rolling again or just even doing some more static stretches, more types of exercises such as yoga, just to calm your body down and just to get your heart rate down, will be ways to get your body more in a relaxed state. That way your body will have more optimal restoration. So, it will be prepared for your next workout day, and you can continue with your workout plan and achieving your goals for where you need to be. This was how to start a workout plan. Thanks for watching.


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