How to Build Muscle & Lose Fat With Weight Training Exercises

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Weight training can be a great way to both build muscle and lose fat. Learn how to build muscle and lose fat with weight training exercises with help from the founder and owner of STRONG gym in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Willie McNeely from STRONG Gym, and this is how to build muscle and lose fat with weight training exercises. The easiest way to build muscle and lose fat through weight training exercises is to actually increase the lactic aerobic nature of the exercises you're performing. Now that's just fancy energy system type word for just actually making your body move into more of a lactic state. That way your body is going to have more of a different hormonal production which will best serve fat loss while still increasing due to the nature of the exercise you're going to be performing, the muscles will need more time under tension, that way you're going to have more muscular damage. That way you're still increasing muscle mass, yet at the same time since cardiovascular and everything, you're in that lactic environment of getting your heart rate very high, your body is going to be more of a furnace and burn fat. I'll go ahead and show you some examples of different weight training exercises we can use to achieve this. Performed here is a barbell complex which is a series of exercises that will get your body into that lactic acid environment. The first exercise I'll perform is squats followed by push press, followed by bent over row, followed by dead lift, then followed by power snatch. This has been how to build muscle and lose fat with weight training exercises. Thanks for watching.


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