What Other Types of Exercises Are Cardio Besides Jumping Rope?

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There are more types of cardio exercises out there than just jumping rope. Find out about other types of cardio exercises with help from the founder and owner of STRONG gym in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. This is Willy McNeely from STRONG Gym. This is, what other exercises are cardio besides jumping rope? Now, the way your cardiac system functions is it's actually always being utilized. So in a sense, almost any form of activity could be a type of cardio. With that being said, I'll go ahead and show you a few different variations and demonstrations of what other types of exercise can be perceived as cardio. This first piece of equipment I'll show you which can be used as a form of cardio is called The Prowler. Now the Prowler can be used in a variety of different ways. But it can be used for just walking with it, sprinting with it and then even change it in the way you actually perform the exercise with the Prowler. So that way you can make it more of a latic aerobic type exercise or more of a latic and aerobic type of exercise. So just depending on what you're actually energy system goals are or what your cardiac health goals are will kind of have either way you preform the exercise. Now sledge dragging is another form of equipment that can be used as a means of cardio. You can drag the sled forwards, backwards, drag it with a belt around your waist. There are a number of options performed. They can either be very low intensive forms of cardiac work or you can even load it up very heavy. So you drag it for a shorter distance and it can actually become more of a latic aerobic exercise. Or you can even perform sprints with a sled attached to you where it can be used as more of a latic aerobic type of exercise. They varieties again and the energy systems you use, just depends on what the goals you're trying to achieve. This is has been what other types of exercises are cardio besides jumping rope. Thanks for watching.


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