Weeknight meal - Time to make meatloaf

This is not your average cafeteria meatloaf. Using the “triumvirate” of grass-grazers (beef, pork and veal), Josh Ozersky turns this scrap-meat meal into a delicious weeknight feast.

Video Transcript

Hi I'm Josh Ozersky on eHow.com. Today, meatloaf day. Yes, it's time to make meatloaf and I'm always a happy man when that happens. So we have all the ingredients here necessary to meatloaf life. There is a salt, there is a Matzo meal. There is egg, minute rice. This is some onions that I've softened and here we have there's a little onion powder, a little paprika but most importantly, we have here the triumvirate of meatloaf, pork makes it sweet, beef makes it butch and veal gives it class. These three elements represent the indivisible tripartite elements and I'm going to put them all together in this bowl. I'm going to take an egg and add it like this and I am going to take some Matzo meal. A lot of people use seasoned bread crumbs but I grew up in a Jewish household so it's necessary to have things that are bland and bad so to compensate for that I'm going to add a goodly amount of salt and plenty of onion powder because that's the way I learned how to do it but I wouldn't make the mistake, a little pinch should do us good, maybe a little bit more than a pinch. I wouldn't make the mistake of trying to have onion powder do all the work. I want to have real onions too so I've cooked up some onions in butter, a big whole yellow onion, I'm adding that and it's very necessary for a thing like this, we'll take a little bit more salt why don't we, it's very important for a thing like this to have something green in it. I like flat leaf parsley and I do it very coarse. Alright, coarse parsley, goes in, give it a couple more cops. I'm mixing and I look at this and I say you know what, maybe this could have a little bit more color in it so as my grandmother did before me, I'll take paprika which is the Jewish solution to all culinary lacunae. This is not an especially Jewish meatloaf because it's got pork in it, but, that little extra bit of flavor and color gives it those sense memories that go back to long ago and my glutinous boyhood sitting there in my Bubby's kitchen, waiting for her to get done so I could start eating again. I think I would like some more meal, you know, like you don't want it to just be the burger by itself, you want it to actually have these binding elements but you don't want to overdo it and the reason I don't want to overdo it is because I am a big fan of that Eastern European classic home element, instant rice. Now the instant rice, you don't need a lot of it, I would say between half a cup and three quarters of a cup but what's going to happen with this instant rice is it is going to basically act as little grease bombs. They're going to be like little grease time bombs that are going to absorb all the delicious meat juices, oh wait, you know what, got to have some black pepper. Black pepper is key. It would have been sheer madness to make this without it. So, I don't think we need to torture ourselves for every imaginable spice and herb nor getting them in the exact perfect proportions. Instead I want to take it and make it be like a football. Alright, here you go. A vaguely ovoid form is what we're going to shoot for and I'm going to put some bread crumbs on the top of it or in this case Matzos and bam, in it goes into a 325 oven. I've already been noshing at it and I'll take the end piece. The end piece nobody likes because it tends to be a little bit on the dry side, oh, but look at this meatloaf, I mean even though it's been sitting out for awhile, if I squeeze it, you can see how the juices pulsate and seethe inside it. That is the sign the meat is not overcooked and it's what I call the squeeze test. And my meatloaf passes the squeeze test. Alright, so, great meatloaf whenever you want it. I'm Josh Ozersky here on eHow.com.

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